lives matter

We find so many ways to dislike each other, now comes on what a sign can say, ridiculous. So the new slogan/sign is


__________________ LIVES MATTER

You can fill in what ever pronoun/word you want, except for “no” , that would be weird.


black lives matter

“All lives cannot matter unless black lives matter too”

I wish I could take credit for that but I read it on a church sign in Cranford, NJ.

Colin Kaepernick kneels before the flag, symbolically, to honor the fallen black lives that died tragically in what he perceives as unjust law enforcement by some. He was ridiculed. Soldiers kneel before the flag to honor their fallen comrades who died tragically in foreign wars, they are seen as humble. I see no difference in either stance. Maybe the question should be, why are you standing up….




Can’t believe we’re having this conversation again. Kneeling. I wonder if when these people go to church and the priest, pastor, rabbi’s, iman’s and all other religious leaders ask you to kneel before God, do you tell them “fuck you, I’m not disrespecting God” or do you just take a knee.

I’m of the belief that kneeling is not disrespectful but symbolic. Staying seated so you don’t spill your beer might be disrespectful, depends on the beer I guess. Budweiser you better stand up, Corona, you might get away with it.



Good things don’t always come in quantity. If society could choose for themselves then why make laws. Capitalism is the opposite of utilitarianism, unless you think 99 percent of people think that 1 percent of people should have the majority of the money.


overt vs covert

I don’t know what is better, an overt racist or a covert racist.

With the overt racist you know where he is coming from and you know to avoid him and not to trust him with your family but you also know he is going to do what it takes to worsen your life.

With the covert racist you can have an open dialogue and if they get to know you maybe you can persuade them through your actions that all people can be good, even though you don’t know you’re doing it, but they are also the person, that when you are looking over the the side of that mountain just to get a view of the waves crashing against the rocks below, give you that push so you can have a better and up close look.

We would like to have that dialogue, it gives us hope, but not at the cost of becoming fish food.