The most important person in a democracy is the tax payer. Governments, federal and state and anything below, do not pay taxes, they are paid by taxes. In other words, they are more of a drain on the country, when it comes to economics, since they don’t generate any capital but use more of it than any other entity in the country. This is one of the many reasons why governments must do their job efficiently and as mandated.

You hear the term “trusted” people that work for the government but that label is not given to them by any court or legislator or President, it is given to them by the tax payer, the people that pay their salaries. We trust them to do their job in the tax payers best interest. That interest is to keep our country safe for our families and what makes the tax payer happiest, not the government employee. As a matter of fact, government employees, who are paid very well, and would include everyone that does not work in a private business, would have to sacrifice their happiness for the happiness of their employer, the tax payer. That’s why it is of the utmost importance that government employees always do their job to their highest capabilities. Even when they pay taxes, they are actually just returning your money back to you, which in turn goes right back to them. Any government that feels that the people are here to pay for their privilege is confused between a monarchy/authoritarian regime and a democracy.

We do ask these people to make decisions for us but when those decisions interfere with the taxpayers interest, they should have to answer for them. We should never fear our government, they should fear the taxpayer. This is why fair and free elections are so important. It voices the employers decision on how the employees are doing. This is also why it is so important not to undermine this process for your own benefit. It is important, no matter your political ideology, that you are truthful and honest about matters and not fabricate false allegations in order to either keep your employment or to get employed by the tax payer.

This doesn’t mean that a tax payer has any say over any other person or tax payer, this means when you see the government do something, you have to ask, would I be ok with them doing that to my family, and that’s the only question you can ask. It doesn’t mean your neighbor that blows his leaves on your yard or the person that keeps parking in front of your driveway can be treated badly and your family better. So don’t tackle your neighbor for being rude, even if he is an employee.