thought of the day

While all the lamestream media, hahaha, still one of my favorite sayings from the current and soon to to be former President, maybe, derides the action of the President, I say he is doing an excellent job. I liken his his bid to reverse the election to that of a test flight. We all know what a great ride on a plane feels like when the air is smooth and their is no storms but what happens when the weather is shitty and the turbulence is at its worst? Does the plane hold up or does it break apart? Or how about a newly built dam(n)? Does the Dam(n) stay strong in the face of harsh currents or does it leak and crack? Well, our current President is testing every democratic and constitutional basis he can, what’s going to happen? Is the constitution and democracy going to break or is it going to survive? I say he should try ever last bit of nuance to completely overt and reckless method to hang on (within the law), as long as in the end, the democratic process survives. Like this, we know where to strengthen our constitution and where to plug the holes so that in the future, the problem won’t be a problem anymore.

That being said, he should still start the transition process and allow the winner of the general election access to the appropriate funds. The dangers of being too stubborn, besides putting the country in danger by not letting the President – elect know exactly what he has to tackle on day 1 and come up with a good strategy to do so, is that he will end up freezing his family and anyone he supports out and anytime he appears, the opposition will be motivated to support his opponent. I don’t think he is thinking things out beyond the immediate.