If there ever was a fight deserving of PPV status, it definitely is this fight. Spence is considered by some as the top welterweight while Danny Garcia is in the top 5. In a weight class that sports names like Crawford, Thurman, Pacquiao and Porter… many, if not all, in the top 25 pound for pound list, these fighters are going to square off on Saturday for Welter weight dominance. Crawford, who came off a drubbing of former welter champ Kell Brook days ago, has placed his name as the contender to be the best in a historic weight class that has seen names with monikers like Sugar (Robinson, Leonard, Mosely), all Hall of Famers with Robison, thought by many, to be the GOAT, and the self proclaimed GOAT, Mayweather, which he definitely has a claim to that distinction, but it must be placed on him by his peers and viewers, as it is not something you can just crown yourself with, as well as Hearns, Leonard, Duran, DLH, Trinidad and the list is too long to name everyone, Armstrong, Greb, Cotto, Bradley… let’s see Margarito (just kidding, ha ha)….. I mean the list is the best in the sport as talent goes. The only other division that rivals welter weight is middleweight. The reason these weight are so highly regarded is because the talent pool in these weights are so plentiful and to be at the top of these weight classes really means you are definitely the best of the best. That’s why it really hurts to say that I can no longer take the sport seriously. After I saw Jeison Rosario get knocked out with a jab to the elbow, it seems that hi- tech wins are made instead of earned. With the bright lights and all the electricity and the huge amount of pay-outs for bettors, the sport has been corrupted by the “electric company” as thumbs and feet are lit up before the fight even begins. Seemingly making a buck off a betting slip is way more important than keeping this legal and fair. Now, if fighters want to win, they must do what the electric company asks of them, which is a shitty place to be, in the pocket of the hi-tech mafia. The sport has definitely been corrupted and the atmosphere of big fights has lost its luster as the winner is pre-determined, not by the fighters but by people that would never in their life step in a ring and give it their best shot.

Now, this doesn’t mean that some championship fights aren’t legit, Crawford’s win over Brook was real in my opinion, but Rosario’s loss, not the fault of Charlo, with a jab to the elbow that translated to his diaphragm going into spasms is something that defies logic and cannot ever be explained in the realm of normal boxing physics, thus tainting hardworking efforts by legitimate fighters…. all for a buck. And of course, this translates to all sports but this sport, where it could result in permanent damage, is especially egregious because obviously they care more about money than a person’s life.