I would like to start by leading us in prayer… forgive us oh lord because my blarticle just might be blasphemous. We enter the light because I forgot to turn off the switch last night before I went to sleep. It is through your divine power that nuclear reactors work, amen. I’m not really all that good at prayers. I’m not poking fun at the omnipotent one and crossing my fingers that the almighty has a sense of humor (I mean for the aforementioned names sake, the lord invented humor), I really do suck at prayers and it seems that my narcolepsy hits me harder during church than any other time in my life so I might be mixing up my science with my theology, is that scientology???. That being said, I do like taking some scripture and see if it can apply to todays nonsensical world. While some of it may be a stretch and I couldn’t find anything about electrical vehicles in the good book, I do see some that are relatable.

The devil knows the good book better than you and will confuse you. A lot like when Jesus was on Mount of Temptation and couldn’t find his way back to the campfire for 40 days, with the devil whispering in his ear, well, the way I see it is, criminals know the law better than you and will use their knowledge of it and try and whisper things in your ear to take advantage of you. That, in all its glory, is true. The people that are the biggest swindlers and criminals are the ones that know the law the best. They know the law like the back of their hand, to the last little detail of every follicle. They know what they can do and what they can get away with and where they are protected and test the waters constantly of our legal system, blessed be the Supreme Court and Congressional Laws. That is not to say that everyone that knows the law really well is a criminal or that everyone that knows their scripture is evil but the evilest and most hardened criminals generally know their law and scripture. Oddly enough, during the crusades, they were one and the same and their biggest weapon is always confusion and chaos.

Funny, huh. How evil whispers in you ear then and now…. How a book that is over 2000 years old could be so on the money….. maybe it’s just a coincidence.