I thought that I would keep with my prior post and try and relate relatable quotes from the bible to todays endemic of stupidity….. Have you ever read revelations. If you want the bejesus, no pun intended, scared out of you, or maybe into you, you can watch The exorcist or you can read Revelations. I think that guy that wrote Revelations must have been a great ancestor of Stephen King. It’s some scary stuff. This blarticle is about courage. The courage of good people and the dispassionate and glacial ease of how some people allow other people to get away with what is obviously wrong so as not to confront them or not to suffer their scorn. That was a whole lot of thesaurus in that sentence. Now, courage is not fighting with weapons and fists but it can be fighting without weapons and fists, I’m just saying… Mother Teresa never picked up an AR-15 and she was one of the most courageous women ever to live. Guns don’t make you courageous like beers don’t make you Sugar Ray Robinson, they just give you that allusion or make you think you are those things. Courage is doing the right thing when the time comes, standing up not only for yourself but for your fellow good person, I have chosen to divide people into two races… Good and bad, but not irredeemable, no one is irredeemable unless they choose to be that way.

Now, how does this relate to today… no effing clue… its Revelation that have not yet been revealed. I’m going to be on the look out for some massive volcanoes to blow. But I thought is was a good subject and fine recipe for making it through tough times… a pinch of courage with a bunch of understanding and top it off with a delicious morsel of Love…. blahhhhhhhh. Just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Nevertheless, don’t know why it’s so hard for us hombres to write and say that, it is ultimately a true recipe. I really sound like a fucking wuss. Anyway, for those that are faithless (faith can be in the law, or any faith, or just humankind, just anything other than yourself) the detestable (is that people that lost their sense of taste because man, that would be fucked up to go to hell because of COVID, I hope not), the sexually immoral (yikes, a ton of those), sorcerers (David Copperfield??? no right? maybe the ones that think they practice magic, apple eyephones?) idolaters, and all liars (Madre, I did eat the last pastry and, well, City Tavern). This lake of fire, I’m wondering if they are going to have any barbecue pits, I hope never to find out, but it sounds like a really bad place where you might need a bunch of Coppertone 1,000,000. Do you think that Stephen King’s great ancestor means the sun or a star, because there are bunch of those out there. I mean, I touched a stove once, and that hurt like the dickens, I can’t imagine sunbathing on the Sun, that shit must hurt. So, stop being cowards and if you can’t say the truth don’t say anything at all. For all those going through tough times, stay true to yourself and you’ll make it through. This blarticle is dedicated to my abuelo, a religious fella, may he Rest with the Angels. (Not the Los Angeles team, the holy ones)