Being retired I spend most of my days watching TV, the most I have ever done in my life and what I discovered is that entertainment plays a crucial role in society. I am a big fan of this industry. They show us what compassion looks like, bravery, good morals and what it is to do the right thing. Their art shows the contemporary realities of today in a way that you just can’t help admire. Now I know that these are fictional characters but the message being sent to the youth is important. The good guys show why it’s still cool to be a good guy. While real world realities might sometimes be different, the entertainment business gives us a lifted spirit sense of ourselves, (my mind just went blank as I was writing this). My favorites are anything that Chuck Lorre does, almost anything on CBS… Bull, NCIS, FBI… etc to blockbuster movies. I really admire these shows and movies for their excellent content of guiding and inspiring people to be better. For some reason though, I go to sleep admiring them, wake up not liking them and ten I watch them again and I admire them all over again. It seems that sometime between watching them and admiring their content and waking up, there is somekind of transformation. Best guess is I go to sleep and the hypno movie ferry comes in and gives them bad reviews and then I watch them again and I admire them all over again… until the next morning. It’s crazy. So, long story longer and weirder, I don’t know what happens to me during the night but I’m not a fan in the morning but I am in the evening and then brainwash, rinse and repeat. Some people just like creating chaos and animosity, it suits their purpose.