These sidewalks are not as cozy as they seem


I am an immigrant. I moved here as a child. I joined the military at 19 and served during the first Persian Gulf war. That war lasted all of 90 days and never saw any combat. I wanted to be a fire man when I joined but they gave me a job as a Chaplain’s Assistant. I asked for reassignment as a fire safety specialist and they offered me medical records or police officer because I did not have my citizenship yet and those were the only two jobs that non citizens could get. Fire safety specialist required you to have your citizenship. Since I did not want to be cooped up in an office all day I chose to be a police officer and then to try and lateral over to Fire Safety Specialist after obtaining my citizenship (they only worked two days a week). One of my duties as a non-citizen immigrant military police officer in the Air Force was to protect Air Force One. Yep, me and my M-16 protecting AF1 (Alpha Foxtrot Oner) on the flight line when it paid our base a visit but for some reason they didn’t want me to put out fires because of my status. I would get my citizenship a couple of years later than land my first Federal civilian job working at the VA. I would move on from there to become an agent for the DHS. While at the DHS I would mix falling asleep on the job on occasion with preventing an international murder (that’s not a typo, that would be one hell of a typo) and discovering two terrorist cells intent on creating great bodily harm and destruction. I know what you are going to say, you fell asleep at work, in my defense, there are some long boring nights and you can only fight off the sandman for so long. I will mention that one of the terrorist plots/cells that I discovered prior to it happening was pretty famous and I will give you a hint, it has to do with bombs.  Not enough, I will say that it was a festive occasion ha, ha ha or maybe I should say ho, ho, ho. I’m not going to say that I was the best employee but if they were going to give out awards for best employee, I would not have gotten it, I did fall asleep on occasion and there are other really good guys that did some spectacular work keeping us safe in the DHS, you just never hear about it. In the end though my life would turn around. I would marry an amazing woman that happened to be also a non citizen and non legal. Those troubles compounded to the point where she became a Professional in this country and I would end up being homeless and dumpster diving. It happened once when I accidentally through my keys in the garbage and that sandwich looked very inviting. Now, I went from stopping an international murder, (it isn’t as sexy as it sounds but I won’t go into the details because mainly it isn’t as sexy as it sounds) and discovered two terrorist plots, both verified by the FBI, to living on the streets of San Diego, the street pictured above, all in a span of a couple of years. This is where most people say something about mental disease and how hard it can be on a person, that’s not my case, I just pissed off the wrong people and this is my cautionary tale. A little over a year on the streets and I’m going to tell you that I would rather deal with terrorists. I have since fought my way back through pro se lawsuits and good old fashioned tax evasion to get back to where I am today, in a house that I own. OH, the best part hasn’t come up yet, but I’ll save that for another day. This was an update to my bio.

I will add one note. I haven’t a clue who I pissed off but they must have been pretty high up there and this has nothing to do with politics. Those are the only things I know (and don’t know) for sure. This story has been fact checked by the person it happened to, me, and it’s 100 percent accurate.