Errol Spence vs Lamont Peterson

spence v peterson

Fight night, Saturday, January 20th, 2018. The first big fight of the new year and it didn’t disappoint. Spence was favored to win over an aging Peterson who is now seen as the gatekeeper of the 147 pound division. The gatekeeper, as most know, is the guy that falls just short of winning the title, Peterson had the WBA regular title, but you must beat to show that you are good enough to compete for the title. While Spence already holds a title by beating Kell Brook, a future gatekeeper, he was there that night to remind Peterson of his status in the lofty 147 pound division and he did just that.

The question on my mind was not if Spence was going to win but how he was going to win. You see, Lamont Peterson has only been stopped once before and that was to the hard hitting Argentine, Lucas “la maquina” Matthyse. If Spence wants to show that he is the future of this division, he needed to put an exclamation point on his win, he needed a stoppage. For me, Peterson is a sentimental favorite. He used his boxing skills, heart and courage to beat some very crappy odds and made a life for himself through boxing. He is a good person who probably deserves a huge payday before retiring. Unfortunately for Peterson, being a sentimental favorite doesn’t pay the bills for Spence as he began to systematically breakdown Peterson over 8 rounds of accurate, even machine like precision, scary accurate pinpoint precision that you only see in sharp shooting competitions, as he landed punch after punch while avoiding any major punishment of his own. Spence inflicted punishment on his opponent that at times had Peterson bewildered and stumbling around the ring.

Peterson, determined not fall into gatekeeper status and to his credit, fought back and threw some shots with bad intentions. Landing some decent right hands and left hooks, Peterson looked to try and stave off the younger opponent but it was not to be. In the end it was Spence’s ability to move, give angles, sharp shoot and hit while not getting hit (the recipe to win any fight) that did Peterson in. Hunter, Peterson’s trainer and 2nd in command in the corner that night, decided to throw in the towel as Peterson would not answer the bell for the 8th round.

I did learn something about Spence and it’s that he is definitely a skillful fighter but spence v peterson 1more than that, I learned that he has superb vision in the ring. He saw all the openings and had the reflexes to take advantage of them. That ability comes with a great deal of confidence in himself, it’s not something that you can teach everyone, only the greats have that ability. There are only a handful of people in boxing right now with that kind of talent, Lomachenko, Mikey Garcia, Canelo Alvarez, Crawford and Spence. These fighter are all 7 tool boxers. They posses power, speed, agility (the ability to create angles and make the other fighter miss), stamina, chins (the ability to take a punch, we all have chins but we all can’t take a punch), courage (sometimes referred to as heart) and vision (the ability to see everything while in fight mode, encompassed in this category would be timing and knowing your distance relative to your ability to connect accurately on your opponent as well as punch selection). The seven tools are what makes you a great fighter.

There are some that come close, Danny Garcia for instance, he lacks hand speed, but has great vision, which was apparent in his win over Amir Khan, who has excellent hand speed but no chin. Spence lacks none of these tools. He is definitely destined for some great fights and is the future of one of the best divisions in boxing. If I had one piece of advice for the young Mr. Spence it would be that not to let his gifted ability over shadow his persona. Ego can be a tricky deceptor that is only really there to humble you. Always be that guy that you were before your first big win, never be the guy that thinks you can’t lose because we all do, there is only one truly undefeated fighter in that ring, not Floyd Mayweather Jr., father time, sometimes accompanied with his wife Karma, will eventually put all egos in check.

With that being said, congratulations to Errol spence Jr. in his victory in what was a great fight against a very good fighter.

Why Healthcare and the Mafia are not so different.

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This article is going to piss you off. It’s going to make you angry and then you are going to get a migraine and then you are going to visit your doctor for some hypertension medication and then you are going to realize that you just made more money for the ever growing profitable health care companies. The truth about healthcare is that it isn’t about health care, it’s about profit.

Did you know that Healthcare insurers, such as Aetna and UnitedHealth, are currently being traded in the stock market? If you know how the stock market works, you would be flabbergasted, outraged, beside yourself in dismay and a lot of other cool little soliloquies that express some concern, hopefully. If you don’t then this is a little crash course. When a company is in the stock market there sole interest is to provide profits for their shareholders. This means that they must try and find a way to make money on you migraine. Not only migraine but cancer, diabetes, heart disease and any other illness. The best way for these stocks to thrive is by not covering you as much as before, not enrolling people that are already sick (they take away from the bottom line), have holdings in the making of the medications that help you (i.e. the pharmaceutical companies), and to play hardball negotiations with hospitals and doctors on the prices they charge to save your life. Your life is not their first concern because if you have a long lasting illness that they have to cover, then they would rather see you die, that’s a little harsh but you are a profit sucking vampire that is taking good money from their shareholders. Now, they will united health ceonever say this out loud. No, they’ll make all the nice commercials that show you healthy with their health insurance, now what sense does that make? If I’m healthy, why should I pay for health insurance? But there is a fix. A real simple one. Make it illegal for health insurers to be for profit. You should never profit on someone’s illness. The good thing is that these companies honestly want you stay healthy as possible, the bad thing is that is not reality and once you become ill, a serious illness, they want to drop you immediately or they want you to drop dead. The money that these people make is also insane. Do you know how many people you can help with 16.8 million dollars. I’m subtracting a reasonable 1 million compensation for his work as CEO of telling people no, we won’t cover that bill. There is a solution, it really is simple, ready, remove greed from the equation.

I think that as a CEO of a health insurance company, the max you should make is $150,000.00 yearly. Let’s do a little math, a company start-up business strategic plan that actually has people before profit. Let’s say you pay $200 a month in health insurance for yourself and $50 per child. Let’s say you have the average amount of children of 2.4 per household, ehhhh, in keeping with a civilized way of thinking, we won’t count the .4 child. I don’t even know what a .4 child would look like. That’s $300 monthly. Let’s say as CEO of Never Never health Insurance, I have 500 employees, including myself, making an average of $100,000 per year. That’s 50 million a year. What I rake in from healthcare fees if I had a million insurers is, let’s see, 300 times 1 million families per month times per 12 months, carry the one, where’s my calculator? It’s 3.6 billion a year. Add another cool 2.4 billion if both parents are covered. that brings us to, ehhh, where’s that calculator, 6 billion dollars. Are you telling me that I could not cover every illness for every subscriber that I have at 100% with 6 billion dollars a year? My bad, It’s actually 5.95 billion, forgot to pay my staff. Not only could I cover you, assuming that all my insured don’t neidorff2come down with a serious illness at the same time, god forbid, but, since this would be a true non profit company, as they all should be, then at the end of the year, whatever is left over in the coffers would go directly back to the consumer. And let’s say that we had a really good year where no one visited the doctor, then you would only pay $60 a year for insurance that you didn’t use. Have to account for building and miscellaneous costs. That’s $5 a month for your whole family. That’s the incentive to stay as healthy as possible, the check you get at, let’s see, $440 a month times 12 months, ehhh, seriously why do I keep misplacing my calculator, $5,280 back if we have a really good year. That’s best case scenario.

This working business plan is very possible but it won’t come from anyone currently humana ceoworking in the Health insurance industry. No, these guys wouldn’t be able to afford yachts and fancy champagne if someone decided that healthcare is only meant to take care of people not CEO’s. And here’s the other great part, you could actually pay doctors, hospitals, nurses and all other medical professionals a little more because they are the ones that are actually helping you. If you reduce the Health Insurance companies payroll you actually increase the viability of actually getting good health insurance. Man, if someone ever decided to go ahead and start this company, 100% coverage at a minimal price, I would join it in a heartbeat.

Oh yeah, I forgot, the title of my article, well, because they both just want to rip you off, that’s why. I wonder if Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos feel like getting into the health insurance business, won’t make much money on the insurance company but I would buy there other products and their products only because I sure as hell wouldn’t want them to go out of business.

Political Opinion, mine and mine alone.

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There’s a lot of to-do about a comment that the President might or might have not said.  There’s certainly, and with good cause,a reason for the Demo’s to question the motives of the statement. Politics, as you have seen for the last 10 years, is about waiting and stomping on any off the cuff comment that might give you seats in the upcoming elections. I don’t blame anyone for the questioning of the remark but it sure did put a halt on good legislation while we’re analyzing “shithole countries”. Well, I have my take on that statement and that statement alone. I do it from a perspective of trying to see the neutrality of it and not being red or blue.

It is my opinion and my opinion alone that the President was criticizing these countries, if he actually did say it. The “countries” not the people. What’s the difference, plenty. How many times have we seen leaders of these impoverished countries get elected to office only to leave six, eight, ten years later with a bank account that has set them up for life. They’re now living in France or Spain or England or the U.S.. I’m not saying that the current leaders of these countries are embezzling but past leaders have. It is my feeling that he might have been criticizing the leaders of these countries, past or present, more than the people of the country and from a business stance, the actions that lead to extreme wealth to leaders while leaving the people impoverished, makes no sense. Had he said shithole people then there would have been no doubt but he didn’t.

I find it hard to condemn someone as a racist without it being 100% certain, especially an elected leader of a multi diverse nation like ours. I would hope that being a racist would be grounds for impeachment and dismissal from the highest office our country has to offer and/or for any publicly held office for that matter. The problem is that I have been called a racist. It didn’t matter that my wife was Colombian, my son half Colombian, my closest friend growing up was Puerto Rican, my closest friend in the military was white and my closest friend in the Border Patrol and who I asked to be my best man at my wedding was African American. So, with that being said, before I start calling someone the R word, I want to be absolutely and without a doubt in my heart sure that he or she is. Still, shithole countries is not very politically correct but the statement was said behind closed doors, I’m sure other Presidents have let their guard down and used colorful language before, to what extent and at whom, I don’t know. I don’t know how the President meant that comment, if he did say it, but that’s my take, for now.

What I do know is that this might have a chilling effect on any closed door meeting or bipartisan gathering in the future. I applaud the elected officials that stood up against the comment but from a logistical point of view I don’t know if it will play out right in the future. I might have put that card in my pocket for future use or maybe it was right to be transparent, again, I don’t know, only time will tell, we’ll see. One thing is for sure, there are some very stand up people in the Senate, on both sides of the aisle, willing to stand up to a remark that they do not quite agree with from the most powerful person in our country, good to see.