Legalizing Steroids

SteoidsThere has been a lot of talk about legalizing marijuana in the past few days. Talks of who supports the laws and who opposes them. News of people taking a stand and how that would hurt their electability in public office. Stats on how much revenue the sale of the narcotic would bring and how many people would be employed by this industry, if only the powers to be would let it thrive. But that’s it, it’s the revenue that really matters. Money is an alluring Muse that transcends all boundaries. It doesn’t matter your gender, race, sexual preference, age or disability, this allure does not discriminate. It makes people do things that they wouldn’t dream of doing otherwise. There’s a show based on that premise, Fear Factor, wait… there’s another one, The Amazing Race,… still some more Bachelor, Big Brother, Survivor…. just plug in any reality show name there and you get the picture. All these people are doing crazy, outlandish things for money. the end result is that you want the prize that lays at the end of that neurotic syndication and the more neurotic you are, the better chance of you winning that prize. Money. What do they say about money…. “it takes money to make money”… no that’s not it, “a fool and his money are soon departed”..true but not the one I was looking for… it…”Money is the root of all evil”, it’s actually “The love of money is the root of all evil”. When all you can say about a product is that it will make you money, then you are lost. you are no good for a civil society that should cherish other virtues over money. If you want to tout a product that is currently illegal to buy over the counter and only used for medicinal purposes, then tell me what good it’s going to do. How will this product improve life? How will it help? In the curious case of marijuana legalization, there really isn’t a way to do that. There is one product that you can legalize, make a crap load of revenue on and it actually helps people, with way less negative side effects than marijuana. It’s testosterone and human growth hormones.

The fact about getting old is that no one really wants to. We all want to stay young and in shape and live a productive life. Love our significant others forever, I’m talking about libido ofcourse, and feel as young as possible. Aging is difficult for some and easier for others. It all depends on your past habits of eating right and exercising. There’s an old saying in boxing, the only true undefeated fighter in boxing is father time. We all get to that point where we aren’t the person we used to be, but how about if we can slow down the aging process. Would you be interested?

Louis v Schmelling
24 year old Joe Louis knocking out Max Schmelling for the Heavyweight crown
Marciano v Louis
37 year old Joe Louis getting knocked out by Rocky Marciano for the heavyweight crown


So, which person would you rather be, the one getting knocked out or the person doing the knocking out, figuratively, not literally.

Facts on anti-aging hormones differ depending on who you talk to. Some doctors will tell you that using these products will only lead to destruction of your regular hormonal balance and will eventually create more harm than good while other say that, if used properly and not abused, then the side effects are minimal and the positive results far outweigh any negative result. Let’s be real for a second. I want you to choose, in my right hand I have a marijuana cigarette, it will get you high, you will laugh a lot, you will eat a lot, you will get nothing done, you will eat again, you will beef up… not in the right way because potato chip are all carbs and you will eventually pass out. In my left hand, I have a bottle of anti-aging product, you will feel great, you will go for a run, you will be productive, you will get things done, you will have energy to play with your kids, you will socialize, you will go for another run and then you will pass out, from exhaustion because you did so many things. Which would you rather have?

Let us talk about the revenue. the big hype in legalizing marijuana is the revenue it will bring. Do Anti-aging products bring in just as much? Anti-aging products are said to bring 191.7 billion dollars globally. What!?!?!? And that’s just anti-wrinkle cream and botox and things of that nature. What do you think will happen when you give them something they can actually use in their bodies to help things like osteoporosis, which is a by-product of the slowly withering testosterone in both men and women. So there you go, not only did I just give you a better selling item, I linked it to a positive side effect that it will actually provide. It helps other diseases as well like obesity, depression, joint pain and cardio vascular disease as testostserone is linked to the build up of fatty plaque in your circulatory system. Keep in mind that I’m talking about reasonable usage not Schwarzenegger levels.

Steroids 1
Steroids 2

Moderation is key, in both men and women. You would have to get your blood levels checked yearly and not exceed the recommended amounts for your sex.





The problem in anti-aging, as in marijuana, is the tendency to abuse the product. This where you would have to make sure that you regulate the product by pre packaging it in a ready to go hypodermic and allow only one per customer. If not, well then you can look like this.

steroid abuse lady
maybe a smidge too much

The goal is to be fit and happy, not bench press a car or in the case of the person below, to become that big where going to the bathroom might prove difficult.

steroid abuse
Could be that he abused the product a little







Right now, there is no movement to legalize these hormones. There should be, if used properly, it could create a better way of living.  Mind you. I’m blogging, I’m not a doctor but I researched these facts from credible sources like CDC website and webmd that is ran by the mayo clinic, not steroid sites. Those sites also say that prolonged use of these products will eventually lead to a number of difficulties. This is why it’s important to educate yourself on how they work and realize that you should take time off from using them to give your body a rest. But this is true for all drugs, including marijuana. Eventually using these products will shorten your life span. Not using them will probably allow you to live 10 years longer. So, if your were planning on doing a ton of things between the ages of 82 to 92, then you should probably not use these items. If you weren’t, then maybe it’s the right product for you. Mind you, I’m only putting this out as an alternative to legalizing marijuana.