What killed America? Politics.




Why are we so captivated with politics that it actually turns people against each other? The new civil war in America, and around the world, has nothing to do with Marvel super heroes, it has to do with American politics. Me, for one, would rather enjoy my life dong anything else other than thinking about politics. There are so many beautiful places to visit, sporting events to go to, concerts I would love to attend (Earth, Wind and Fire still my favorite concert I have been to even though Lenny Kravitz was pretty good as well but that could have been because of the contact high I enjoyed while I was there), bars and restaurants to enjoy, books to read, naps to take, parties to get drunk at and ruin (yeah, I was that guy once, just once though) to think about what politics the guy or girl next to me is supporting. The constant bombardment of crazy political analyzation in every possible media and social outlet is just over the top. It feels like sometimes it’s being forced on me with every news show, talk show, magazine, newspaper and whisper that goes on. Is there anything else going on in the world? Seriously, I have no idea, because politics is on everything.

I have no problem telling people how I voted. I voted Bernie Sanders. He didn’t make thecoin toss cut so I tossed a coin because I didn’t see any difference between the candidates that were left. The coin said Hillary, how can a coin toss be wrong so I voted Hillary. The coin toss was wrong. That coin is now enjoying its life in some street meter. Donald Trump won and you know what, I hope he’s the best President this country has ever seen, why would I want anything else. Just because he wasn’t my first choice, I should now make a voodoo doll of him and say tweet all the time, somebody must have done that. I hope he leads us to the best economical, global, health and ideological success that this country has ever seen. Those might not be the right terminology for what I’m trying to express but I think you get the point. I hope he is so successful that he gains the respect and admiration of the U.S. public and wins with a wide margin, not because he is a Republican, but because he did such a great job that you just can’t ignore it and would have to vote for the guy because we were so prosperous. And I hope whoever replaces President Trump in 2020 or 2024 is even better and so on. Now that’s a trend I would love to see. Every President is better than the next. What is the likelihood of that happening, I have better chance of hitting the lottery, dating J Lo, catching a Leprechaun and holding my breath and floating to the moon. Not because it isn’t possible to create that trend, (great presidents not the lottery… J Lo…. leprechaun… moon thing, even though we can try both) people just don’t want it to happen. They want someone to hate for something.

Take President Obama’s presidency for instance. When he was elected, Congress immediately came out and said we are not working with this guy. OK, well that doesn’t affect you as much as it affects the country. Why not? Now President Trump faced immediate backlash before even passing one piece of legislation. Chants of recount and fixed were ringing out quicker than Usain Bolt’s finish in the Olympics. While the two President’s handled their criticism in different ways, they were both criticized immediately. No feeling in process, no wait and see how he does, just immediate opposition. Then you have the American public mimicking these actions on one another and the politicians can’t comprehend where all the bad blood and violence is coming from. They’re watching CSPAN and losing their minds and beating and killing each other. Islamaphobia, racism, homophobia, heterophobia (that’s a new one to me but it exists), people losing their wig and shooting each other and running each other over, sexism and a crap load of other phobias, isms and crazy stuff. It would be amiss of me to blame politics or politicians for all these things but the reality is that if our leaders can’t get along, publicly, why do they expect us to be any different. I would rather that they discuss politics in private, try their best to come to a consensus on all matters and avoid going to the public unless it’s absolutely necessary. I understand the urge to tell the public but I elected you to handle it. Honestly, the less I know the better. I’m in overload. When a consensus can’t be reached, then let the masses know. We’ll picket, march, do sit-downs, sit-ups, cart wheels and cry, if necessary but if I’m doing that on a constant basis, then what affect will it really have. Work together, find common goals, unite the country for goodness sakes and every once in a while, pat the guy on the other side of the aisle on the back for their open mindness. Plus, it isn’t like you tell me the good stuff like the NSA tracking or how David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear, you just tell me that the President said a bad word, (not minimizing the situation if he actually was referring to a group of people, I just don’t know how much of that was politics and how much of it is real, people sometimes tend to exaggerate or deliberately emphasize the negative if it suits their need, I know this from personal experience), or that people hate each other on twitter. I dare a politician from the opposite side to give a compliment to an opposing member for a good piece of legislation on national TV. Fuck, the world might just blow up. Not just once, every time you get to the dais say I would like to thank this colleague, on the opposing political party, for his work on this project.  Nah, I’m on the look out for that leprechaun. There’s a way better chance.

This is all to easy for me to say, I write a blog that no one reads, so I have the luxury of criticizing. I wouldn’t want to do their jobs. I know it’s extremely difficult at times. Sen. Flake of Arizona is one of the latest victims of a seemingly dysfunctional government by how it appears in the media. He seems like a liberal conservative and took the hit. Sen. Flake decided to bow out because everyone wants to be so extreme or that’s the way it looked like to me in all these media outlets. When the mayor of London says he doesn’t want President Trump to appear and then a mob of people try to affect a civil arrest, the world has gone crazy and our dysfunctionalness, (there’s a red line under that word so I’m guessing I just made up that word) has spread around the world.

It’s important to note that I don’t agree with every decision the current President has made nor the previous President for that matter. If anyone reads this blog they’ll only see what they want. Some will say he is a Trump supporter while some will say he hates Trump. Both are false and part of your dysfunctional method of interpreting things. I’ll make my decision in November 2020. Both parties have some constructive ideas on how to repair things, people just have to listen and give the idea some honest looking over. Don’t just dismiss it because he isn’t in your party or you didn’t think of it. To this day, the best thing I ever heard from a President is still from former President Bill Clinton when he approached the idea of limiting welfare and making sure that people that received welfare could also go to school so they could learn a trade or a profession and wouldn’t be demoralized or become complacent in their own abilities to achieve greater things. Clinton’s response when they said that is was John Engler’s idea, Republican Governor of Michigan, was that he didn’t base good ideas on political parties, just on the merit of the  idea itself. He didn’t care where it came from, only that it worked for the betterment of the country.

I’m a fan of the conservative Liberals and liberal Conservatives. People that I think tend to lean towards the middle and have an open mind on subjects and only care on the functionality of the law that is being passed, like Bill Clinton, Dwight Eisenhower and Abraham Lincoln. These Presidents are also known as moderates. You don’t have to believe me now but George W. Bush will fall in that list as well. Funny how people were on his case for being ultra-conservative but, like I stated in previous posts, he passed some very moderate laws. Maybe because we bitched so much, but not every second………….huh, something to think about I guess.