Pro Choice?

LOL. I’m pro choice, not pro abortion. It’s funny that men are the ones that are yelling the loudest about giving birth yet anything we give birth to we have to flush down the toilet. The way I see it is, the aborted have a one way ticket to heaven, don’t have to meet Peter at the pearly gates, they have a free pass into heaven without having to be judged. They might actually be the lucky ones.


CNN's climate crisis town hall

After listening to these good people speak about climate change, I learned how woefully uneducated I am on the subject. Whoever the next President is, Republican or Democratic, the very first thing that must change is education. We need this science taught at the elementary and high school level, not the college level because we all aren’t as lucky. I felt like a dumb dumb, which is ok because my ex-wife happened to nickname me that, so I am living up to the moniker. The other thing is, maybe we should also look at other methods to help, like leading in some new carbon catching technology for fossil fuels that can make a difference, maybe the people that can’t make light bulbs anymore, can now have a new industry in making filters that eliminate fossil fuel carbons as we change to healthy power sources. People that oppose new technologies¬† or refuse to change, most of the time, is because they are not fully aware or fully educated on the issue. Education, education, education. And we need it put in terms that we understand, in my case, just draw it with a crayon.


mother earth

We all heard the term Mother Earth. I believe that Earth is a living organism that gives life to everything that lives on it. If she dies, everything that inhabits it dies with it. Do you want to take the chance of being wrong about our planets health? If the trees die, we die, did you know that? If the soil rots and trees can’t grow, we die.

Can I ask you a question? Would you pollute your own home? Would you throw trash anywhere inside your own home? Would you light a fireplace and close the the flue and let carbon dioxide pollute your own home? Would you pour acid (rain) on your own lawn? Would you throw plastic bottles in your own pool? Would you kill your own pets? Would you destroy your own house when you don’t have another one and force your family to suffer? Would you allow a hole in your own roof, so as not to protect you and your family¬† from inclement weather and harmful UV rays? Why would you destroy the only planet that you have, because you don’t own it? I think it’s time to think as Mother Earth as an inheritance that you are giving your children. Generally we try to upgrade our home, make it better, not destroy it. Why would you destroy what keeps your home alive?

We can disagree about almost anything, taxes, abortions, walls, who to be friends with and not be friends with, gun rights, health insurance, etc…. Those won’t kill us, mmm, maybe health insurance. I think we should all agree that protecting Mother Earth is one thing that we can’t disagree on.

It used to be that we used only what we needed, now we want want what we have an abundance of.

If that doesn’t persuade you then I have to say this, stop being fucking selfish and think of your kids and their kids and so on. Greedy is not a thing on a dead planet.

So, ahemmmm, that being said, lets find a way to make sure our kids have a home for their home. I think what we need is climate and energy as a required course in high school.


potential habitable planet

The USA Today newspaper reported that scientists have discovered a blue planet that may be habitable. Is that good news, maybe for us, maybe not so much for that planet. I was talking to my son about his future. We always discuss different topics, mainly to see what his views are on different things. This particular day we discussed what he should major in and why. He was all into game designing, what adolescent isn’t. He likes game theory and coding. I told him that I would like to see him double major in mechanical engineering and astrophysics, what parent doesn’t. He asked me why and I explained that those are the jobs of the future, especially with climate change being such a crisis, mechanical engineers, along with civil and other engineering fields, are going to be in the forefront in finding a new way to adapt to growing oceans and diminishing resources. I told him that I expect that we are going to look for a new planet to inhabit and that scientists recently found a planet that may be habitable and that a mechanical engineer would be needed to design a vessel that may have to carry people that could travel for such a long time. That we would need to find a way to induce artificial gravity on a vessel on such a long trip and I would love it if he were one of the people working on a project like that. Then it occurred to me, what would we do if we could do that?

What would we do if we could inhabit another planet? Would we mine for coal and fossil fuels or would we use something akin to the green new deal? Wind, solar, and clean energy (I’m guessing nuclear). Would we let cows fart? Of course we would, that was a joke. If we could start anew, would we do the same things there that forced us to look for a new planet in the first place? I hope not. Would we have different countries and crazy border issues or would we be borderless? Would we make sure everyone was happy regardless of what origin they were from on the planet they left from or would we start separating people into different regions? Would we have borders and build walls or would we be free? Would we build weapons of mass destruction that could render that new planet useless or would we ban such actions? So what would we do?

Then it occurred to me, why do we have to wait to get to a new planet to do those things, why can’t we just do them on this planet, right now? At least work towards that goal.

You ever notice that you inhabit a planet that is habitable. If you inhabit something, wouldn’t it be inhabitable? That’s one of the things I would like to change on a new planet, confusing literacy. Maybe not a priority.

Lol, I tell a poignant story and end it with the most absurd shit ever.

Marriage is the cornerstone of a civil society


Marriage is……

Limiting yourself to one woman telling you are doing it all wrong, I told you so, great job genius and at least you tried, I’ll take care of it myself.

It’s also knowing that they still love you even after that.

marriage 1

‚ÄúNoting that the Supreme Court in Jaycees ‚Äúanchored the freedom of expressive association in the First Amendment,‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúidentified the freedom of intimate association as ‚Äėan intrinsic element of personal liberty‚Äô

‚ÄúMarriage is a fundamental right where freedom of personal choice is protected to a heightened degree (Loving v Virginia, 388 U.S. 1, 12, supra; Zablocki v Redhail, 434 U.S. 374; Griswold v Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479, 486, supra; People v De Stefano, 121 Misc.2d 113, 121). As such, an expanded zone of privacy attaches to the marital relationship (Griswold v Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479, 485, 486, supra). Thus, absent compelling State interests, interference by the State with the intimacies of the marriage relationship, including sex, would violate this right to privacy‚ÄĚ

The Supreme Court ruled that marriage is worth kicking your ass if you try something stupid.


pressure sensitive seats

In the rash of people leaving their children in cars during hot days, car manufacturers and politicians should become involved and mandate pressure sensitive seats that set off an alarm that can only be shut down by pushing a button located in the back compartment. With technology the way it is today, there has to be some common sense idea that can prevent infant deaths when the parents get distracted. If the button is pushed and the child is still there, then you know it was intentional.


angry manIrritability in men is often a result of high stress cortisol levels and low testosterone levels. Some men respond by acting out while others hold these feelings in and become depressed. Behaviors characteristic of men with Irritable Men Syndrome include: Angry.


electric feet

The gym is so weird. Every time I go there there’s something new. This time it felt like I had ants in my feet trying to make it up to my nut sack. And, why do women wear so much perfume. It just gets all in your lungs and you can hardly breathe and every time you take a breath for 15 minutes after, you have that smell in your nose that seems to go straight to the brain.



ammonia brain



  • Abnormal movements¬†or shaking of¬†hands¬†or¬†arms.
  • Agitation, excitement, or¬†seizures¬†(occur rarely)
  • Disorientation.
  • Drowsiness¬†or¬†confusion.
  • Behavior or personality¬†changes.
  • Slurred¬†speech.
  • Slowed or¬†sluggish¬†movement.
  • Reddening of the eyes, especially when you sweat.
  • Causes non stop chatter and synapses to fire due to the overload of potassium chloride.

So if you ever have sharp pains to the liver, where the hepatic blood vessels go to cleanse the blood from foreign substances, then you might suffer these symptoms. You ever heard of the term bat shit crazy, that because bats defecate high quantities of ammonia and if you are ever in a bat cave, you need to wear a protective mask.

To help, eat items that have peppermint, spearmint or any kind of mint. It helps reduce the amount of potassium chloride and it cleanses the blood.

No wonder Batman goes around jumping from building to building, he’s crazy.


thumbs eyes

I don’t what it is but every time I go to the gym, my thumbs and eyes feel electric. My wrists and elbows and forearms and biceps hurt. And a feeling of high irritation comes over me. It’s generally at the gym. Maybe I’m doing something wrong because everyone else except for a few are playing on their phones but they don’t seem to have that electric irritation.