CNN's climate crisis town hall

After listening to these good people speak about climate change, I learned how woefully uneducated I am on the subject. Whoever the next President is, Republican or Democratic, the very first thing that must change is education. We need this science taught at the elementary and high school level, not the college level because we all aren’t as lucky. I felt like a dumb dumb, which is ok because my ex-wife happened to nickname me that, so I am living up to the moniker. The other thing is, maybe we should also look at other methods to help, like leading in some new carbon catching technology for fossil fuels that can make a difference, maybe the people that can’t make light bulbs anymore, can now have a new industry in making filters that eliminate fossil fuel carbons as we change to healthy power sources. People that oppose new technologiesĀ  or refuse to change, most of the time, is because they are not fully aware or fully educated on the issue. Education, education, education. And we need it put in terms that we understand, in my case, just draw it with a crayon.