mother earth

We all heard the term Mother Earth. I believe that Earth is a living organism that gives life to everything that lives on it. If she dies, everything that inhabits it dies with it. Do you want to take the chance of being wrong about our planets health? If the trees die, we die, did you know that? If the soil rots and trees can’t grow, we die.

Can I ask you a question? Would you pollute your own home? Would you throw trash anywhere inside your own home? Would you light a fireplace and close the the flue and let carbon dioxide pollute your own home? Would you pour acid (rain) on your own lawn? Would you throw plastic bottles in your own pool? Would you kill your own pets? Would you destroy your own house when you don’t have another one and force your family to suffer? Would you allow a hole in your own roof, so as not to protect you and your family  from inclement weather and harmful UV rays? Why would you destroy the only planet that you have, because you don’t own it? I think it’s time to think as Mother Earth as an inheritance that you are giving your children. Generally we try to upgrade our home, make it better, not destroy it. Why would you destroy what keeps your home alive?

We can disagree about almost anything, taxes, abortions, walls, who to be friends with and not be friends with, gun rights, health insurance, etc…. Those won’t kill us, mmm, maybe health insurance. I think we should all agree that protecting Mother Earth is one thing that we can’t disagree on.

It used to be that we used only what we needed, now we want want what we have an abundance of, speaking of carbon emitting products, not recyclable products.

If that doesn’t persuade you then I have to say this, stop being fucking selfish and think of your kids and their kids and so on.

So, ahemmmm, that being said, lets find a way to make sure our kids have a home for their home. I think what we need is climate and energy as a required course in high school.