fury wilder 2

It was the boxing bully being bullied by the boxing savant. Wilder, the most feared man in boxing, was put on his back foot by the white Ali. That is the synopsis or the story line in a nutshell. A closer in depth look would paint a different picture. Fury was, I wouldn’t say scared, but aware of Wilder’s power, having faced him prior. Wilder, who seemed off, wasn’t his usual self, it almost seemed like he wasn’t sure of his game plan. When the opening bell rang, Fury charged like a bull seeing red and Wilder played the part of a novice matador, not moving and almost asking himself is Fury going to stop or is he going to run me over. You can tell that Fury wanted to make a statement, which was I’m not scared of you. You could also see that Fury wanted to play the inside game, where Wilder couldn’t extend that right arm, to limit Wilder’s max effectiveness. Fury wanted to keep the shots short and quick and then hold or get close. Well, it worked like a charm. Wilder did land some rights, but for some reason, either because Fury was keeping that left shoulder up or because he had to punch up and over that shoulder, they weren’t landing with the same velocity as with his other opponents. By the fourth round, Wilder suffering, what looked to be a punctured ear drum, seemed to be on shaky legs and chose to be on the ropes more, allowing the Gypsy King to take advantage of his own quick herky jerky movements and feints to create opening and land flush shots. At times both fighters were throwing awkward shots with what seemed closed eyes hoping to land, but when you fight people that size, most people close their eyes while reciting the hail Mary. In the end it was Tyson Fury that prevailed and reigned victor. Oddly, probably the last outcome anyone would have bet on. It was 50/50 with a Wilder KO or a Fury decision victory, then another draw, then a Fury KO. No offense to the UK killer, but with someone like Wilder in front of you, only a crazy Gypsy King would go on the attack like that. Congrats to Fury, a well deserved win. As for Wilder, I always said, the best always have one loss on their record, that shows he was tested. What will make him one of the best now is to take some time and reflect on what went wrong, come back smarter, don’t know if he could get any stronger, that would be insane power, and regain his belt and at the same time cement his legacy. He can do it.

I did notice, that Wilder’s left arm was a little injured prior to the fight. Swelling generally means an injury, even though he didn’t say it, it was noticeable. Maybe he injured that thumb? Or was that the other fight? Nevertheless, Wilder was not 100% and for a Tyson Fury you have to be. Last thing, not one single ladies boxing match, what’s up with that? They have to eat as well. Kinda tired of the ladies being treated as second class citizens in this sport. I’m sure one could have been made.