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Brave women who found their date in court

Ever wonder why someone would do something as horrific as what Ol’ Harvey did and get away with it for such a long time? We’ve entered the third millennium of the calendar of the lord, if you believe in that, if not, then since one of the Ceasars decided to make his birth the beginning of time, either way that’s more than two thousand years minus the twenty or thirty thousand prior to that and we still have some bad hombres that feel that they can force, coerce, threaten or otherwise intimidate women into sex. Ol’ Harvey, with his sad heart condition, still feels that he did nothing wrong. That it was his right or, I don’t know, his authority maybe…. that women should cower, be at his beck and call, allow themselves to be taken advantage of, for his pleasure. The State of New York disagreed and sentenced Ol’ Harvey to 23 years of prison, where I am sure he will be in his own production of Harvey does Sing Sing, I wonder what tune he will be singing though (fill in your own song, I won’t even take a shot at it) which his lawyer said that at his age amounts to a life sentence. That of course doesn’t include the pending charges in Los Angeles, which I say, good for LA for not turning a blind eye to someone who would do that. Ol’ harvey didn’t really care what he did when he was doing it, ruining families and creating trauma, but now he’s sorry. My guess is that he is just sorry that he got caught, because prior to that he didn’t seem contrite at all. I do have one question, being that this behavior happened in two different states, where the hell are the Feds? Why haven’t they filed their own charges given that they aren’t bound by statute of limitations and these crimes are some of the most horrific that can be done to another person, where the hell are my tax dollars, if I paid taxes, going? I don’t know but at least NY and LA decided to take Ol’ Harvey’s deeds to task and good for them.