I have a court case in federal court that is going to determine if I keep my home or not. If I lose I’ll be homeless again. My plan is to buy a guitar and sing for money outside the court if I lose. I’m going to have two plates…..Just letting the court know how good I am.


plate full of money
Give if you want me to stop playing for five minutes


empty plate
Give if you support my music



appropriate v inappropriate

Inappropriate jokes are just inappropriate and not sexual molestation, it shouldn’t damn you to hell. Inappropriate touching is when you start the barter system, you touched my crotch, my fist touched your eye, albeit at a way faster and forceful nature. I don’t think anyone should be outcasted for being a little familiar, as long as it isn’t serial, you know, every time we speak, but I am a firm believer of reminding someone that your hands are meant to scratch your crotch not anyone else’s the first time it happens. #FOREVER


angry manIrritability in men is often a result of high stress cortisol levels and low testosterone levels. Some men respond by acting out while others hold these feelings in and become depressed. Behaviors characteristic of men with Irritable Men Syndrome include: Angry.

Wilder v Fury v Joshua


The heavyweight division is in turmoil, inasmuch as, who the hell is the best, who is king, who will be the guaranteed hall of famer in this three way match up of giants? Out of the three, Joshua has the most impressive record. KO of Klitschko and Povetkin gives him the edge, especially when he got off the mat against the hard hitting Vlad, and you can tell that Vlad was really trying to win after losing to Fury, to put an end to the Ukrainian born Germans career but both of those guys were arguably towards the end of their careers. Joshua also has a KO of Martin and Whyte, two tough hombres. Then Wilder’s KO of Ortiz, who is 2 years older than Povetkin and I think Povetkin would beat, and the 2 knock downs of Fury puts him close behind. Then you have Fury, who you can hit with a dump truck and he will still get up before the count of ten, who has the best overall skills of the three. In the Fury v Wilder match up, Wilder was extremely lucky to land that right hand in the 12th or Wilder wouldn’t even be in the discussion. Joshua is now calling out Wilder, wants to fight him next. This isn’t a good thing for the American heavyweight, it means that they think that they can best Wilder, they saw something in the fight against Fury that they can expose, so did a lot of people. I know what it was, want me to tell you, alright. It was Wilder’s reliance on his right hand to bail him out. Don’t get me wrong, if Wilder lands that same right hand on Joshua that he landed on Fury, I don’t think Joshua will be able to recover but I don’t know that Wilder will be able to recover from Joshua’s either and Joshua has a better left hook. The recuperative skills possessed by Fury isn’t in every heavyweight, just in Fury. Wilder’s wait for the opening approach hurt him in the Fury fight. He was down on points and unless he changes that tactic to a create an opening method, he will lose to Joshua. The importance of rhythm in boxing is important. It doesn’t have to be a methodical rhythm, it can be quirky, like Fury’s and Lomanchenko’s, but you have to have one because just looking for an opening will eventually get you beat. Wilder reminds me of a heavyweight version of bantamweight Daniel Ponce De Leon, the former bantam and featherweight champion that could hurt you with a glancing shot until he met a boxer that knew what to watch out for, that left hand of his, and ended up dethroning the champion. The comparison is uncanny as both had one punch power, even in glancing punches, that could end everything for their opponents.

Wilder has to move, become a little unpredictable and shoot that jab while moving and then all of a sudden stop and shoot that right when they aren’t expecting it. I guess what I’m saying is that Wilder is becoming a little predictable. That’s bad in boxing. If you now what your opponent is going to do or what he is looking to do then you know how to beat them 9 out of 10 times. What Wilder has to do is incorporate a stiff Ali type jab to his arsenal. One that snaps or crackles or even pops, it doesn’t matter which of the rice crispy characters it most sounds like as long as it creates the affect of putting his opponent on his heels and off of his toes, effectively stopping his opponent’s rhythm.

Joshua, well, he is a little robotic. His movements are not like Fury, who seems to flow and have fun in there. Joshua has movement but it seems that his movements are a little strained or he isn’t relaxed in there, which is why when he gets caught with a good shot, it hurts him. Joshua should be able to absorb a punch by going with the flow or moving with the same direction of the punch, to take the sting off of the punch. Joshua, at least what I have seen of him, turtles up, and lets his body absorb all of the punch. You ever see those Kung Fu movies where you punch the guy and he seemingly just becomes like a bed sheet and blends his body into the punch, well Joshua seems more like a brick wall intent on breaking the other guys fists with his face. While I’m sure he can take a lot, he should try and become more fluid, less rigid because that “head like brick” method isn’t going to work when you have¬† a wrecking ball like Wilder’s right hand. Joshua will be the Berlin Wall and Wilder will be 1989, you know, when the wall fell. I still give the edge to Joshua, like I said before, you are only as good as your last fight and Joshua disposed of Povetkin like no one has ever and Wilder, I hate to say it, got lucky with a draw decision.

Fury, hell, I’m impressed. When Wilder hit him with that right hand, I was about to search the internet for a florist to send his family flowers and condolences, when the big man just stood up and didn’t even wobble. I was literally scared for Wilder. Fury is the modern day heavyweight version of a Bop Bag, you know, those plastic toys you punched as a kid and just came back up every single time seemingly without a dent and just laughing at you. Not that Fury goes down every time he gets hit, he has a great chin, it’s just that when he does, he gets up and beats the shit out of you. The only knock on Fury is that he doesn’t commit to his power, which he has. He had Wilder hurt, no fighter ever wants to admit to being stung, and he backed off, allowing Wilder to ease on through to that draw.

One punch Power, Wilder, but he relies on it too much and it’s ok to win by decision, especially against Joshua, maintain your distance and control the fight.

Skills, Fury, but you should think about getting a more killer instinct so close fights aren’t.

Determination- grit- desire- two handed power, Joshua, but it’s ok to fight going backwards sometimes, make them miss, that’s what made the greats great. You know, the old draw them in and then stop and pop, except against Wilder, there you have to pretend your in an alley, and just rag doll him.

How Can You Justify Legalizing Drugs


With legalizing marijuana becoming the movement of today, the New York Times wrote an in-depth review of what happens when people do drugs, attached below. What becomes apparent to me, my first thought, is how can legislators complain about these people if they are allowing the legalization of hallucinogenic drugs, (report from the National Institute of Health) into our society. The double edged sword of wanting to legalize drugs but then complaining about the what that legislation will lead to is nothing short of ironic. These people, that no doubt a majority started with marijuana, graduated to opioids. Very rarely do people start with hard drugs, the usual pattern, whether you want to admit it or not, starts with cannabis. My thoughts are if you don’t want your child to end up lying on the street with the possibility of overdosing on drugs, then applying stricter laws on mind altering drug should the more common sense approach. Revenue should not serve as a guide to decision making because in the end it will cost more than you will earn from these products to clean up the mess. If marijuana had a possibility of only having positive side effects, like alcohol, then I would be all for it. Alcohol, wine in particular, if taken in moderation and responsibly, will actually prolong your life, make you healthier. Marijuana has negative side effects from the the first puff as it damages lungs right away, albeit minimally, in prolonged use, even in moderation, it will shorten your life.

Thought of the Day!

up you nose

Did you know that what goes up your nose can land in your eye? Ever wonder why when you get hit on the nose, your eyes water? The nasal canal leads to your sinuses which leads to your lacrimal glands, tear ducts. That’s why you get those nasty green eye boogers¬† when you are congested and have that nasty cold.



I once stepped on someone’s toes by accident. They demanded my wife, son, house and dog. I had the last laugh, my dog ran away years ago. To dramatically overreact.


Fast talkers

I once dated a woman that was so intelligent and talked so fast that by the time the conversation was over it was my fault that she forgot my birthday and that I was a rotten boyfriend for not buying her a gift…on my birthday.

Moral of the story is that some people have a gift at turning things on you even though it ain’t true. Before you know it, it was everyone else’s fault and they are the god send. Things to beware of …. it’s your fault, it’s the neighbor’s fault, it’s your family’s fault, it’s the judge’s fault but it’s never their fault.

Alright, she just made the point it isn’t her fault, sorry neighbor, this one’s goes one you. Keeping that eye on you.


exercise 1

Exercise not only strengthens the body but also the mind. I exercise to strengthen my core to try and abate (it’s great having a thesaurus) the degradation of my spine.