Weedmania Is Facing Roadbloacks

Legal Marijuana

I don’t know what you want to call it. Sixth sense or ESP without the N or just plain common sense but this was foreseeable. In an article by Bloomberg, the news outlet is reporting that marijuana farms are starting to go under. That there are too many of them and with the new rules and regulations, like you can’t sell to kids, and with the taxation, most people are starting to head back to the illicit market. The other problem is that you just can’t get a prescription from your friend who plays doctor with his girlfriend anymore, you need a real medical reason. With real rules and taxes placed on the businesses, the rage of weedmania might be heading for a dip in the market. I blogged about this exact thing prior to it becoming legal, here and there (just click on the links and it will send you to the articles), saying that the fad of legalizing marijuana is akin to prohibition. Once you make something legal, it will almost be impossible to make it illegal again. With marijuana, it was better to keep it as one of those illegal substances. You’re not going to make that much money on it, you will send a message that an addictive narcotic is ok to use and when people start getting low on cash, they’re just going back to the person that sells it cheaper, the person on the corner without the overhead. The narcotrafficantes, that’s Spanish for scumbag smugglers, are aware that all you’re doing is letting people, that might have not used prior, get a taste of their product. These guys are buying stores and putting up fake licenses to sell and never pay a dime in taxes and they are underselling the real businesses, So, ATF or MATF, you have work to do.

This is just my opinion. I thought that weed and automatic machine guns should be viewed the same, item non grata. Also, I believe that you would make more money confiscating illegally obtained funds with drug busts then you would from the taxation of legalizing the wacky tobacky.