Conspiracy Theory!

Conspiracy theory

I am not one for conspiracy theories. I like the entertainment factor in them. They make for great reading and some interesting movies. So when I read that 35% of the nation actually believe that there is going to be another civil war, I start to think of Bell’s Curve and start wondering when did the outer edges start to grow because there has never been a civil war in a functioning democracy, ever. Now Bell’s Curve is intended to show extremisms on both edges while showing that the middle is the norm depending on the question. The question of civil war in a functioning democracy was presented in political ideologies by a  news outlet that I won’t mention, saying that roughly 35% of liberal and 35% of conservatives feel that a civil war would incur within the next 5 years. Given that roughly 50% of the nation is conservative and 50% liberal, subtracting for the moderates, we are only counted when voting for a national election takes place, who make up of about 10% of the nation andBell's Curve get the final say of who is eventually elected, if we choose to vote. So, with that reasoning, that means that the outer edges of this particular curve shows a 17.5% flatline until the curve starts to head up to normalcy. That’s scary because generally, those edges would not be more that 7.5% max or only 15% of the nation or lower. I think this goes towards how powerful and consuming politics is in our nation. That we are that captivated by politics is probably not a good thing especially when it consumes you so much that you feel that you must engage in mortal combat to, in your crazy mind, solve the problem. That voting or reasoning wouldn’t be enough or even debating. My fear in this situation is that moderates become the outer edges and the craziness becomes the norm, if those outer edges start to grow. This is the biggest reason, for me,  to always vote for a moderate.

Marvel Civil War
Maybe they mean this civil war

Anyway, politics is interesting in Late Night punch lines not on battlefields inside our own borders. I think we should reduce those outer edges and the best way to do that is for our politicians, believe it or not, is to behave in a sensible and civil manner. We don’t ask businesses to shun out political rivals, we ask them to treat them with respect, we don’t label our opponents silly nicknames outside election debates, we address them respectfully because that’s what we all deserve, we don’t attack family members of our opponents because, ultimately, they are not making the decisions they are just spectators and we wouldn’t anyone to attack our families. We can all disagree, we should just do it respectfully not with muskets. These are just easy solutions.

Oh, yeah, blue states, your legalizing marijuana while red states hold on to their guns tighter than their kids so, you might be shit out of luck if crazy becomes the norm. I thought the Purge was just a movie, can we keep it that way.

Another thought, if people are actually contemplating to take arms against each other then;

  1. Since there are no civil wars in fundamentally sound democracies, our democracy is starting to falter, at least in theory
  2. The increasingly hostile political atmosphere is detrimental to a healthy society
  3. Don’t think we can blame this one on the Russians, can we?
  4. Again, blue states, you might be fucked

The source of this information, that people actually think that a civil war is imminent, The Daily Mail, I guess I will mention their name, so I’m guessing it was definitely fake news, but it was fun to speculate on.