Comey Under Fire!

Dir. J Comey

The report of former Director James Comey has hit the stands and the news isn’t good for him. The implications that he has somehow mishandled an investigation could cost him severely. I didn’t read the report by the IG, which by itself isn’t that bad by what I read in the news accounts. To be honest, it’s the norm. Director’s will sometimes depart from investigative protocol and in doing so, it can mean some kind of reprimand. The problem isn’t the IG report, it’s the fallout by both parties that has the place spinning. The IG report seems fair, it might emphasize a little too much on how it really left the perception of the Justice Department, at least in this case, as we all know how previous Director’s, mainly Hoover, who is the agency’s most recognizable Director as he was Director until he died, have comported themselves. How did he stay that way, Director of the FBI for so long, by doing a lot worse stuff then Comey.

My problem is with the amnesia or selective memory that the parties seem to have. First, Hillary didn’t lose the election because of the former Director, she lost because of Wasserherface, the former Chair of the DNC. People seem not to recall the riots after Bernie lost the nomination and the way Wasserman was clearly playing favorites. Hardcore Demo’s vowing not to vote or to vote for President Trump because of the way the DNC mishandled Bernie. To say that the former director actually held sway is not realistic. Let’s take the current investigation into President Trump. Has the investigation hurt primaries that much, barely if any at all, just ask Sanford. No, investigations don’t do anything, that much, to sway elections unless there is a conviction. So, I’m sorry, no, Dir. Comey isn’t the reason why anyone didn’t get voted in. Say what you want about the man, election rigging isn’t what he did, his job is what he did, but maybe that the extraordinary circumstances that surrounded this issue would have taken anyone down, is the problem. Dir. Comey was in a no win situation. Damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. I think he handled it with grace.

Secondly, as for the current investigation in election meddling, I have no comment because I don’t know all the facts. A couple of years from now, when the former Director is miles away from the Washington shuffle and people actually take a breath and look back, they’ll notice that the path he traveled was the only one available to him. Right now, the rhetoric comes from a different part of people’s emotions, not the “logical sit back and evaluate” but the “someone is to blame” part of the brain. Unfortunately, the former director is going to be made the scapegoat for now, not by the IG, but by the partisan bickering. I mean, come on, if both sides hate you, you must have done something right.