Comey Under Fire! UPDATE

Dir. J Comey

The report of former Director James Comey has hit the stands and the news isn’t good for him. The implications that he has somehow mishandled an investigation could cost him severely. I didn’t read the report by the IG, which by itself isn’t that bad by what I read in the news accounts. To be honest, it’s the norm. Director’s will sometimes depart from investigative protocol and in doing so, it can mean some kind of reprimand. The problem isn’t the IG report, it’s the fallout by both parties that has the place spinning. The IG report seems fair, it might emphasize a little too much on how it really left the perception of the Justice Department, at least in this case, as we all know how previous Director’s, mainly Hoover, who is the agency’s most recognizable Director as he was Director until he died, have comported themselves. How did he stay that way, Director of the FBI for so long, by doing a lot worse stuff then Comey.

My problem is with the amnesia or selective memory that the parties seem to have. First, Hillary didn’t lose the election because of the former Director, she lost because of Wasserherface, the former Chair of the DNC. People seem not to recall the riots after Bernie lost the nomination and the way Wasserman was clearly playing favorites. Hardcore Demo’s vowing not to vote or to vote for President Trump because of the way the DNC mishandled Bernie. To say that the former director actually held sway is not realistic. Let’s take the current investigation into President Trump. Has the investigation hurt primaries that much, barely if any at all, just ask Sanford. No, investigations don’t do anything, that much, to sway elections unless there is a conviction. So, I’m sorry, no, Dir. Comey isn’t the reason why anyone didn’t get voted in. Say what you want about the man, election rigging isn’t what he did, his job is what he did, but maybe that the extraordinary circumstances that surrounded this issue would have taken anyone down, is the problem. Dir. Comey was in a no win situation. Damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. I think he handled it with grace.

Secondly, as for the current investigation in election meddling, I have no comment because I don’t know all the facts. A couple of years from now, when the former Director is miles away from the Washington shuffle and people actually take a breath and look back, they’ll notice that the path he traveled was the only one available to him. Right now, the rhetoric comes from a different part of people’s emotions, not the “logical sit back and evaluate” but the “someone is to blame” part of the brain. Unfortunately, the former director is going to be made the scapegoat for now, not by the IG, but by the partisan bickering. I mean, come on, if both sides hate you, you must have done something right.


So, I just read the main points of the IG report and found them to be on point. Hats off to the IG. I had a few thoughts on those points though, most likely wrong but nonetheless here they are:

  1. During the timeframe in which Dir. Comey was overseeing the investigation, there was demands by both parties, as well as the people, for the FBI to make the results of the investigation known. They were chants of cover-up by the right and election meddling by the left. I remember saying that I wouldn’t want to be in Dir. Comey’s shoes right now. The chants grew louder and stronger by everyone, including the candidates. That amount of pressure is surreal. Even USA Lynch found a way to remove herself from the situation, haha, I’m starting to think that the meeting with former President Clinton was a way for her to recuse herself from making any decisions in that investigation, not so dumb by the former US Attorney. “Wooops, I errred, it’s on you now James” (not a real quote). The only thing everyone agreed on was that a statement had to be made by the Director and when he did, when he acquiesced, when he finally gave everyone what they wanted, he torched himself. Now they hate him for it.
  2. This type of an investigation is unheard of. There is no relatable cases or past case precedents to study from, that I am aware of. It’s one of those tightrope while juggling executioner axes, while they are on fire, hoping they don’t land on you! Just no room for error. Dir. Comey almost made it across too. Some damn clowns yelling for transparency tripped him up.
  3. Even with that much pressure by both sides of the house and senate and the country on the Director, personally, I would have quit and gone to live in the Bahamas, drink Mai Tai’s and Corona’s until I peed umbrellas, I think the IG makes a fair point as to the Director should have simply told them no, but I think they should have also reprimanded the politicians that were yelling for the report to be made public. Maybe not the IG’s job though. But, man, that was diamond making pressure on the Director. Never seen anything like it before in my life.
  4. Final thought is on the Trump collusion case. I’m 50/50 on the current President. Not a big fan of his tweets or his stances on immigration but I am on his stances abroad. Seriously, someone had to take a stance against the unfair trade. Wrote a big story/blog on it. Check it out, it’s not that bad and has some cool pics. I don’t #thankTrudeau but he will get reelection points for taking a stand and for that he can thank the current President and also, I do admit, Trudeau did what was best for his country. Well, I’m losing focus but I think for you to have collusion, then both parties must prosper, not just one. So unless you can show how Russia prospered then you can’t show collusion. It’s not me saying it, it’s the (you might have heard this before) the rule of law. Because if you make ads by foreign entities illegal, then you would have to look at every newspaper from overseas that condemned the now President Trump while he was still a candidate as interfering with an election. I think that were some that said that if Trump were to get elected that they would not be our friends anymore or would take their toys back or would hold their breath until we changed our mind, haha, just kidding, I firmly believe that you should have a right to say whatever you want as a sovereignty but I’m just trying to make a point. The way I see it is, you can’t have double standards. Now if you find that Russia does, in any way, now or in the future, prosper in a way that does not seem within reason, then you may have a case or if there are any signs of blackmail, theeeennn, ok, I’m with you.
  5. Ok, seriously, final thought. I think that Hillary Clinton would have been a really good President, bordering on great but her loss, besides the Wassherface, came because, as she even admits, she coasted. I love boxing and anytime I get to throw in an a boxing analogy, I will. Remember De La Hoya vs Trinidad, DLH thought he had it and coasted the last three rounds while Tito went out thinking he needed the KO, well, Former Sec. Clinton was De La Hoya and President Trump was Trinidad. Hillary coasted that last three rounds and Trump fought like he was behind on the scorecards. Tito won, even though it was not a popular decision, well, Trump won, even though it was not the popular vote. Lesson here, fight like you are behind on the scorecard, can’t lose that way, unless….. you know… unless you are behind at the end.

Disclaimer: I got my law degree from Herbert, not Harvard, Herbert is the guy that loses to Matlock all the time, so you know, these are just opinions.