Dunkin Donuts, America runs on their product…. to the bathroom ;).

dunkin donutsToday, I went to pick up my son for school but did a morning run to Dunkin Donuts, to get breakfast. What I found was not very appetizing.

I ordered a veggie white with turkey sausage on a croissant, it came out to a little over $6. What I got was that plus a little more. On the photos below you will see that as I was almost finished with my egg sandwich, I bit into this sharp object. I pulled it out and found this. At first I had no clue what it could be. A piece of glass, no, a piece of rock, no, a toe nail, yep, but not any ordinary toe nail, a canine toe nail clipping. Thanks DD located in Elizabeth, NJ on Rahway Ave. It wasn’t the tastiest treat I had but it made for some good silly faces from me as I tried to hold back the barfing that would almost proceed.

When I went in, the young lady at the counter could only say hello and the manager was confused as to how that could have gotten in the meal. She swore up and down she had no idea how it got there, I was just wanted my money back, which she gave immediately and without complaint, and to go home and take a laxative, maybe the rest of the dog was in the sandwich. Oooof, or wooof, cross that place of  my list.



Dunkin Donuts secret ingredient