plus sized model
Plus sized model

God works in mysterious ways. He knows who you are going to be before you are. That’s why when God realizes that you are going to be a dick to women because of some perceived flaw of how you see beauty, he says to himself, since you are going be a walking dick, no need to waste my time and give you one. So any time you see or hear a man poking fun of a woman for some perceived defect that only he can see, it’s because God made him a no dick wonder that has to pee sitting down or he would paint the back of the toilet with his urine because he just can’t point his junk downward. Amen.


I have a court case in federal court that is going to determine if I keep my home or not. If I lose I’ll be homeless again. My plan is to buy a guitar and sing for money outside the court if I lose. I’m going to have two plates…..Just letting the court know how good I am.


plate full of money
Give if you want me to stop playing for five minutes


empty plate
Give if you support my music







Update: I lost. That seems to have emboldened the crazies. Well, I already bought the guitar. All I know how to play right now is Amazing Grace. Just two verses. I have no problem with the decision, if all three courts agreed then it must be the right decision.