It’s funny…right… laugh with me. hahhaahahaa hardy har har. What’s so funny, how some words can all of a sudden become a culture or a movement. The best example of today is “woke”. A slang term that someone invented that simply means be aware… be aware of the truth… don’t get hustled or taken. Now, that word spurned a movement. That word started something… but it wasn’t the word that did it, it was someone that used the popularity of that word for their own measures. For better or worse, the word woke isn’t bad… another way of saying it is “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” That’s right… I know… shit is that greek or latin… well I know google… it roughly translates to “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”, and it is a Latin phrase from Aeneid, a Latin epic poem written by Virgil. … In modern English, it is used as a proverb to warn against trusting an enemy or adversary, even when they appear to be making an enticing offer. Woke. When it wasn’t a movement to cancel people or attached to bullshit… it was a an epic poem by modern day slangsters, a one word poem, snap your fingers with me. Now that is used to influence people in what might be dubious ways or attached to silly, not meaning blessed with worthiness, situations, it has lost its luster and its panache. People always screw shit up. In my opinion, the hijacking of these words is due to greed, not really caring about the altruistic definitions of influential words, and just using it to line your pockets. That’s why my blog is free, that and because no normal person would pay to read it, but mainly that altruism thing. Lol… I am serious.