I told myself that I wouldn’t write about this mess. I was like Manny, don’t even blarticle this nonsense, it will just get in you trouble. Then other Manny was like, no one reads your lousy blog anyway, who cares if you comment.. Then first Manny was like yeah, but this is so controversial, and everything on the internet stays living forever. Then other Manny was like … Dude, nobody gives a shit what you have to say so say what you want. Alright other Manny… here I go. (just so you know, this is literary freedom, fiction, framework, there is only one Manny and I don’t have a split personality disorder, this is my way of saying that I wrestled over the decision of writing this blarticle and that was my way of expressing it. I thank the creators of the show Archer for the inspiration).

You know what the problem of cancel culture is, it’s that you have to be perfect. You can’t make any mistakes or you are sent to the abyss. And let me tell you something, that abyss is getting quite full. So many perfect people in this world not willing to hear an explanation, not willing to forgive a mistake, so elite…. We should just let them tell us what we should do for every step of our lives. You know why socially dumb people stay socially dumb, because at the first dumb mistake they make, they are outcast, then they find themselves with the really shitty people who befriend them and eat their minds away and become really socially stupid. I’m hoping you get what I was meaning their. Everyone will, in their lifetime, say something socially wrong and everyone will offend someone else’s culture, most of the time without thinking or not meaning it the way that it came out. Its incumbent on them to then atone for their mistakes and it is your decision to forgive or hold on to that grudge. If that insensitivity is a prolonged pattern, especially after being told that what they were saying was wrong, then I can see not wanting to be associated with that person, but in the case of Mr. Joe Rogan, it doesn’t seem like it was something that was meant to be intentionally hurtful, I will admit though, I do not listen to his show but I don’t listen to any podcast.

The you vs. them (I’m not in your bullshit) situation in this country, and there definitely is one, don’t listen to these politicians that tell you otherwise, is very real and only getting worse. And that is on both sides. They want to keep that hate because they have hate in their heart. If you are not willing to have a conversation about it, to educate people so they can see why what they say or said was hurtful, so they can alter their decisions in the future, then you might as well go ahead and buy that popcorn and lawn chair and watch this country tear itself apart. No one is perfect, everyone is human… some people just want to keep those fires of racial hatred going because it benefits them and most likely their pocketbook. It benefits this country to have the conversation and to just get along, is it get along or is it get alone.. no that’s not it.. get a loan… I’m pretty sure it’s get along. I bet you that none of these boycotters bothered to call Joe and seek an explanation or hear his side of the story. That being said…. Joe Rogan could be a complete asshole, wtf do I know. But if it was me, I would have reached out to him before making a decision due to him, the courtesy of a conversation and maybe an explanation and possibly an apology and most likely a definite understanding of the situation.

People are not born with hate they are taught it. They can be taught to love too. Jesus, that was really wussy, but I’ll stick to that ideology.

Like I said before, the only ones that benefit from racial or any kind of hatred are people that make money off of it and…. lol… believe it or not, the government. Too busy hating each other to see some of the crazy shit that they are pulling off. I mean, c’mon, MKUltra, Tuskegee experiments, forced unnecessary hysterectomies of Hispanic women in detention and the list goes on for a while. And that’s just federal, the things the States have done would make make your head into a mushroom cloud. Probably f’ed up this whole conversation with this last paragraph. Keeping it real.