Suing the Federal Government

With all the hoopla about the next election, the outcome is still in the hands of a minority. Now, when I say minority, I don’t mean a Hispanic or African American , etc., I mean in the hands of the independent or non-affiliated. Some where between 42% – 45% of the nation is going to vote Repub and the same number are going to vote Demo. The remaining 10-16% percent are going to look at things differently. The people that have their minds made up would vote for their candidate even if their candidate set their house on fire and had the accelerant in their hands. They would hand their candidate more accelerant to make sure that they don’t run out. Well our house is on fire, currently, and one side is going to hand their candidate the accelerant. Luckily, the moderates, independents, non-affiliated, whatever you want to call them are pretty good fire safety specialists. They are going to vote for the candidate that they think will best suit the nation with it’s current dilemma. These people are what Malcolm Gladwell calls outliers. Non traditionalists that view things differently. The way I view things is by simply asking what is needed at the current time. My opinion is smart leadership that can get the country on the right fiscal track. The economy has tanked at my vote is going to go to the person who I think can make the tough decisions on the pandemic so they can then turn the country back on the economic rails. The person I vote for would have to have a sound plan, and a proven strategy. I look at both candidates and wonder if it isn’t too late to vote for another one, lol, it is. The way I see it is, President Trump would be the pick for the fastest recovery but the one with the most risk, as bubbles would appear because his method is high risk high reward less regulation. Candidate Biden is more the safer bet, moderate risk with moderate returns more regulation but probably a lengthier recovery time but also no bubble affect. In the end it’s what you think these times call for, high risk more reward more bubbles and patch them up later and hope those bubbles don’t burst creating and even worse problem or low risk, slower recovery no bubbles but more regulation (not necessarily bad) and longer wait but no worries of having to patch up something and no worries of the whole thing coming down. My opinion is…. my own. You make yours.