Kamala Harris 1

This might have been Joe Biden’s biggest triumph and not for the reasons every other person or news media says, actually it might be the reason why they say and I could be totally wrong, but what got President Trump elected, is what makes her a great candidate.Take away that she might the smartest person in the room at any time or that she is a fierce debater or that she can lead you into verbal traps like a pro boxer leads his opponent into his power punch, she is also funny. And not scripted funny but extemporaneous funny, what, I believe, got Trump elected. VP nominee Harris matches up great against VP Pence, no slouch himself. I think I am more interested in the VP debates then I am in the Presidential ones. Humor is an incredibly underrated trait, I’m not personally funny but I’m extremely humble and good looking, hahhahaha, get it, nevermind. (please don’t take me seriously, I am in no way humble, hahahaha, see what I did there, hello, is this thing on, it’s a joke…. I should have been a psychologist, people are too serious these days)