IN SHARED NEWS: The Washington Post: Pence calls Chief Justice John Roberts a ‘disappointment to conservatives’ by John Wagner

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In shared news, the Supreme Court Chief Justice is under attack for not towing a political ideology. While I have the greatest respect for VP Pence, this has been the norm throughout history for both parties. The Judicial branch is suppose to be an apolitical identity to balance out the other two branches of government. It keeps matters fair and it balances the good of the people with the good of the government. If the Judicial branch were to all of a sudden become politicized, it could make rulings that would find one party’s ideology illegal while preserving the other party’s ideology, no matter how flawed. I write these posts because it is my hope that one day a very smart and courageous woman or man will challenge the way Federal Judges are chosen and give complete autonomy to the third branch of government. I still believe that the Judicial Branch, a separate part of government, should appoint their own employees. Supreme Court Justices should be chosen by the current Supreme Court Justices and then selected by the Executive branch and then confirmed by the Legislative Branch. This would go a long way to fixing a lot of problems. And I believe the Judicial Branch should definitely have better protection, because once they fear for their safety, their rulings can now become influenced by the other branches. This is one of the reasons why I thought Mayor Buttigieg would have made a good President. He broached the idea of starting a conversation about that subject. I think it’s time we made it a reality. For the record, Chief Justice Roberts seems to be a man with honor and courage. It isn’t easy doing the right thing sometimes but it is what needs to be done and that’s how he will be remembered.

If you want to see it another way, here’s a shitty parable I just thought of. You can’t build anything without a solid foundation. A crappy foundation will guarantee that whatever you are building will crumble. This country was built on a Constitution. The Supreme Court are in charge with making sure that foundation remains sound. Why are people harassing the people that are trying to make sure the whole thing doesn’t come tumbling down. It’s like an architect asking me, a retired nobody with no experience on how to build anything, even my lego sets don’t survive, how to build a house. Makes no sense.