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Let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of the Supreme Court but we don’t always have to agree, but, just like having a wife, agree don’t agree, I’m still going to do what she says in the end because not doing it leads to way worse problems. The Supreme Court, in an earlier ruling, declared that government vouchers can be used for parochial schools, why not, they’re an accredited educational program, just like any other educational program, so if you’re going to give vouchers for education, I don’t think leaving parochial schools out would be fair, it would be discrimination. The Supreme Court just made another ruling, stating that the State or the government can not enforce discrimination based claims against parochial schools, this one I don’t understand, but I did not read the ruling or justification behind it, but the ruling was a 7-2 verdict.  I will have to read the justices’ rationale to see where they were coming from, the one thing that pops up to mind is if a parochial school can accept government funding, don’t they than have to then abide by the laws that come with that funding or otherwise wouldn’t that be a donation? Which would be against the separation of church and state mandate. Given the separation of church and state, any part of the parochial program that deals with religion is off limits but wouldn’t everything else be scrutinized? Again, I’m obviously wrong, like when I was wrong for telling my wife that all purses are the same, just get the cheap one.  Didn’t go over well.