pandemic tv

Pandemic TV, one thing that has gotten a lot of attention during this pandemic is TV. The ratings must be off the chain. I think I might have reached professional TV watcher status. As I explored my options, I noticed that there is one TV opportunity that I didn’t have that was being talked about, The Morning Show on Apple TV. So I decided to try the free one week for Apple TV. When I tried though, the condition was that I had to watch it on my Apple product, i.e. Mac, IPad, etc.. The problem was that I didn’t own one, at least not one that I could remember the password to. So I decided, in my Pandemaboredom, to buy an IPad, there were good deals all over and the deal that caught my eye was; buy an IPad, latest edition, cheaper than they were last year, more powerful and get a year of Apple TV free. I jumped all over the deal and set up my IPad and started to watch my free Apple TV. What I found out is that the Oscars, Grammy’s, Emmy’s, maybe Tony’s might be swept by Apple TV. Huh, I just EGOT, even though I think I put them in the wrong order. Anyway, Apple TV has the best mini series TV I have ever seen. I was thinking of buying a portable potty just so I could binge the shows, then I realized I just could take the  IPad to the bathroom (I didn’t do that, at least not to watch the TV shows). The shows See, Defending Jacob, Truth Be Told, For All Mankind and the movie The Banker, which was amazing, has left me knowing that there is no way that you aren’t left knowing that Apple TV just took entertainment to a new level. Can’t wait for Greyhound to come out and just want to see if they add some kind of Latino ethnic series, something like Showtime has done with City of Angels into the mix. I have a great idea about a Federal Law Enforcement Agent that dates an illegal Colombian woman and tries to keep it secret while doing his job. It’s interesting. LOL, ahhh, life is funny. It’s a comedy.