GGG v Derevyanchenko

ggg v dv

It was definitely an edge of your seat fight and not the reason why you would normally think in a GGG fight. GGG came out with little urgency, under control, and finished the same way, with little urgency, no energy. Derevynchenko (DV) came in thinking upset and, in my opinion, clearly got it. The old saying about fighters getting old before your eyes, well, it looks like that’s exactly what happened to GGG. GGG looked gun shy, he looked soft in the midsection, he looked like he wanted a way out. DV was pressing the fight, landing the punches and taking the chances. It just seemed like DV just wanted it more. GGG looked old and like his legs were stuck in the mud with his shots falling short, missing and he was just not pulling the trigger when it seemed warranted. It seems like he over trained. I felt like that GGG was robbed against Canelo, well, they just put some of that robbery back into his account because DV was just robbed and GGG was the beneficiary. In truth, GGG is 37, even though he looked 100, and it is his call on what he should do, but, if he feels that he made enough money in his career, retirement from a rough and tumble sport like boxing prior to suffering any real damage doesn’t make him look weak but intelligent. GGG should go out on top, he has nothing left to prove, he has proved more than most in his sport. I will say one more thing, Canelo gave up the title instead of fighting DV, so there’s that.