mickey callaway

The New York Metropolitans decide to amicably say good bye to manager Callaway’s managerial services. I love my Mets but they seem to hunt for the right opportunity how Cheney hunts with his friends, everyone looking out not to get shot in the face by a shotgun. Not because they are doing it purposely but it seems that they lack the restraint not to pull the trigger until it’s necessary. The difference between the Mets making and not making the playoffs has nothing to do with Callaway but the Mets closer, who had the backing of the front office. Take away all of Diaz’s blown saves, the Mets are in. Is that Callaway’s fault? No. Diaz was an all star that everyone felt would provide the relief that the Met’s needed, but NYC is a big time city with heavy expectations that can put a tremendous amount of stress on an individual and Diaz, at least this year, was not up to the task. I think the firing of Callaway was a mistake. He put the best team out there and was forced, I’m sure, to use Diaz and Cano, who should have been on the bench, no offense to Cano who was a great player but is aging and a step slower. But maybe the Mets are right to get a Manager that will tell the front office who will and who won’t play. Callaway’s managerial faults were that he probably played players that he didn’t want to but felt the pressure of the front office. If they hire someone like Joe Maddon, they might actually win it all because Joe doesn’t seem like a person that will listen to the guy upstairs. I think Callaway, given the freedom to fall on his sword, would have done alright and made the playoffs.