tariff wars

The incredibly growing tariff war with China has hit home. The stock markets are declining and the average American will soon feel the pinch. Is it necessary? Is it necessary to get into what will amount to an all out fight against China over tariffs? I don’t know, I’m not an economist or hold a degree in that field, so I called a buddy of mine and asked him and he said that we should send tanks and take over Taiwan. In all fairness, he isn’t an economist either or particularly good at world geography, he works at a deli, so after getting my bagel with cream cheese and grape jelly, I decided he doesn’t really know what a tariff war is. What I do think is probably around the same as the common laymen, that doesn’t play X-box Call of Duty, even though he does make a mean cream cheese bagel with grape jelly, and that is that we might as well get it over with now. A trade war was bound to happen. China keeps devaluing it’s yuan, or is it peso, dollar, euro?, China keeps devaluing it’s money and that’s going to keep us, who almost pay a fair wage to it’s employees, on edge. Companies keep moving there manufacturing businesses there because of the cheap labor. That cheap labor, who gets paid something like $3.41 on the low side, is attractive to people that like profit over people. China has the largest disparity of income between classes, having the most millionaires in the world. You can’t have the most millionaires without having low paying wages. China keeps there poverty rates and housing conditions under wrap, meaning that if you got to wikipedia, you probably won’t get the most accurate information. In the end, China’s ambition, don’t really know what they are, to devalue there money is tied to keeping their products cheaper when they export them to the U.S.. I’m not saying that China doesn’t have the right to attract businesses and reap rewards and stave off of poverty, (wait, taking a bite of my bagel) but when you keep wages low, then you devalue your money, people living two to a studio apartment, have the highest disparity between working classes then any other nation, and don’t pay a fair minimum wage across the board, ratchet up military spending (maybe they’re worried about North Korea), and allow loopholes to the labor laws to be constantly exploited, then it’s hard to be sympathetic to these millionaires. While the administration’s reasons for the tariff war might not be what I think it is, to promote humane treatment and prevent people from being exploited as cheap labor, maybe… no huh, it still can have that affect.

This is where the Marshal Plan would be effective. Castro’s idea of a Marshal Plan, even if President Trump gets re-elected (since a Demo came up with the idea), should have some very serious consideration. The plan of America First sounds a little self serving but everyone knows that increasing the economic future of our neighbors to the south, not just Mexico, will eventually do what we all want. It will curb illegal immigration, it will make China reevaluate their position, it will stop illegal narcotics (at least from that corridor), it will raise our own minimum wage to a fair level ($37 an hour, just kidding), we will no longer feel the need to live inside a wall (I don’t anyway), it will save money building a wall, it will stabilize global markets mainly because devaluing the, I’m going to say the Ruble? no?, China’s currency will no longer have the same impact. Locking up ourselves in this dome that we are currently calling the U.S. because we fear, I don’t know, foreign cooties, which is different from regular cooties I guess, only plays right into China’s hands, (not that they are the bad guy but they should really pay their workers more plus in the end and they are a Communist government who can, with a swipe of their pen, take all the freedoms that we enjoy here away from their own citizens), and allows China to expand. China is currently investing in poor African Countries, a Marshal Plan of their own, and they are succeeding. If we become a hermit to the world, if we don’t become a beacon of freedom, I saw that in Justice League, and help out other countries, they are going to seek help from someone else and I’m sure China is more than ready to invest in their infrastructure. I’m sure they would love to invest in Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and the other countries that make up Central America. If I were them, I would, as soon as possible. Then you will have puppet regimes that are run by Huwaei 5G cell phone towers and our bigotry will get us what we deserve.

I’m not a fan of any type of government that can take away our right to vote, have guns, get an abortion, buy a house, own a pet that isn’t a shih tzu. If they succeed, they pretty much have said that communism is the right approach and then NRA can get into a frenzy over not being able to buy guns and we would all agree and the NRA would probably back abortions.