I was over my girlfriend’s house and somehow I was roped into giving her a massage. She was always funny. I would try to talk to her and she would grab my hand and put it on her back. I would start then I would stop and try to talk to her again and she would look up, reach for my hand and put it on her back. I would stop and say “I don’t think you’re listening to me”, she would turn her head, look for my hand, grab it and put it on her back and say “what”. So I would just give her the massage and she would get this cheese eating grin on her face that would make me laugh. This day, she pulled a fast one on me. I started to massage her back and I would normally unclasp her bra, but I couldn’t find it. She said “take off my bra”. I started to look for the clasp again but couldn’t find it. She said what are you doing, take it off, really sweet like. So I started to try and slip off the straps, maybe that’s what she wanted. She just turned her head a little and said “take off the clasp”. I was perplexed, I rubbed my eyes. Was it a microclasp or a velcro clasp. She them turned and said “What, were you a virgin before you met me, don’t you know how to take off a bra?”. She laid back down when I realized the problem. “apurase, slow poke” she said. So I pulled on the back strap a little, then a little more, then a little more and I let it go. It snapped onto her back and she sat up and said “ouch”. I then reached to the front of her bra and and unclasped the bra. She just laughed a little and said, “Uh, I forgot which bra I had on.” She then rubbed her back a little and started to look at her middle finger and started to rub it with her thumb. She said “you see that?” and I got closer to look at her finger and she plucks me right in the middle of the forehead and gives me a dirty look. She then takes off her bra, lays down, puts my hand on her back and says “hurry up virgin” and laughs to herself and her body starts to shake, like mini convulsions, because she’s trying to hold in her laughter. She was helluva of funny.