missile strike

There’s a lot being said about Presidents Trump cancelling the strike against Iran. Some people say he is erratic because he changed his mind, some say he is weak, while some say he made the prudent call. I think the last thing we want is more destabilization in the middle east, where ISIS can try and take over and become the head of any State. Let’s go over the what happened, just for S an G’s (shits and giggles). You had a drone who may or may not have been over Iranian air space. Who knows, what we do know is if it was, it was barely and not over the Iranian dirt, just skirting the international waters. The Iranians are being purposely egregious to try and bait a fight, why, maybe they’re not happy with the McDonalds over there, who knows. What we can probably agree on is that Iran overreacted. President Trump ordered a strike but cancelled the strike when he learned that it would cause disproportionate fatalities as compared to an unmanned plane or a drone, since all drones are unmanned. I’ll be honest, my biggest fear with the current President was that he would get us into a war. My fears were alleviated by his decision and I, we, can breathe easy knowing that is not what he wants. Some people question his cancellation. President Clinton, one of my favorite Presidents did the same exact thing when they advised him to take out Osama Bin Laden with a missile strike and President Clinton cancelled the order at the last minute, also due to unwanted casualties. These things happened and I believe the right calls were made. While I disagree with much of President Trump’s decisions, mainly the immigration decisions, in this case he was prudent and made a good executive decision. If you can’t tell the man when he is right, then you shouldn’t be able to tell him when he is wrong.