bill of rights

In the age where the norm of mass shootings is routine (your tax money hard at work), what has also become routine is to attack any organization that upholds those rights that have a cursory connection with those situations. The attacks on the NRA come after each mass shooting even though most of the people that have committed those attacks have nothing to do with the NRA. If you really wanted to be honest about those mass shootings then the NRA wouldn’t even be in the conversation. Maybe we want to blame optometrists, podiatrists, orthopaedics (those are the closest to thumb doctors), EENT doctors or maybe the oceans that are full of waves. You can even blame Copperfield, now is he an illusionist or hypnotist or both? They have more of a cursory connection then these organizations. Once you start focusing on the real perpetrators then you will find a solution but until you do, attacking organizations like planned parenthood and news organizations (first amendment), NRA (second amendment), ACLU (all the amendments)… is just a waste of time and a deflection of the real problem. You can bury your head in the sand if you want but I choose to see the real problem and find a real solution, which may actually save someone’s life.

I warn against any entity that tries to limit our right to choose. You start with one amendment and the next guy will go after the other and before you know it, The King has returned.