Ruiz v Joshua
Joshua’s FEET were on shaky ground

Let me start off by saying…. what a fight! This fight had every soap opera plot consolidated into 7 rounds. Drama, expectation, let down (for some) and a cinderella ending (for others). This was Baer v Braddock, Tyson v Douglas, Rahman v Lewis conceptualized in the modern day. If this was the outcome you expected, outside the Ruiz family, then you are the smartest boxing analyst there is. This isn’t a knock on Ruiz but he was a 25/1 underdog. That’s $250,000, a quarter of a million dollars, if you bet $10,000. I had that, I wish I had known. Ruiz is a good fighter, budding on great now, and the first time I saw him fight, my first thought was that this dude has some fast hands, but boxing reasoning prevented me from giving this guy the chance he obviously deserved. AJ is taller, has a crazy amount of reach and is punching down, adding more power to his shots. Ruiz, on the other hand had to wade in, punch up, and had to be the aggressor. This usually doesn’t make for a great chance of success but Iron Mike made a pretty good living at doing just that. The Wreckin’ Mexican got off the canvas to deliver what might be his virtuoso performance. I don’t know what the future holds but this guy will always go down in the annals of boxing history as a world champion. Something that few have experienced but many have craved. Ruiz is a hero to many. Good for him. For those selfish people that bet money on him and refused to let everyone else know whatever insight they had, next time just respond to one of my blogs, I’ll listen… and the beers are on you for the next year.

I congratulate the new WBA, IBF, WBO champion….And New! Andy Ruiz but I also congratulate Joshua for stepping in the ring and going out on his shield. It’s no easy matter, stepping into the square, and he has nothing to be embarrassed about. Not many people can you know. Step into a square ring, knowing that the guy across from you is going to try render you unconscious. I have trouble asking my ex-wife if I can be a week  late on child support, they’re asking the other guy to give me your future paydays that is meant for your family. To be fair, she’s Colombian and speaks faster spanish then Ruiz’s combos so we’ll just call it even.