I spent the night at my girlfriends house, really just a room she was renting from a friend, and she woke up first. She asked me to go get breakfast and I told her that I was tired. She rattled off a litany of spanish words, pretty much asking who was the man in the relationship in the longest possible way and I told her that we would make a deal, the first person to get out of bed goes get breakfast and the other pays. She said alright and sat up on the bed staring at me, I looked at her and pushed her off the bed and told her my wallet is over there and repositioned myself to the middle of the bed with my arms spread out and a silly little grin on my face, (after I looked to make sure she was alright). Then what you are viewing happens. She rose up, sat on the bed, pushed me with her feet, on my face, stomach, hips (I covered my nuts) legs until she pushed me off, me hitting my noggin. I got up and she has this look on her face, with her hands over her mouth of I hope I didn’t hurt him. After seeing I was alright, she put her arms on her side, lowered her brow and then she said your wallet is over there. I guess it was my turn to get breakfast.