China just hit us with some awesome tariffs and the stock market and if I had an IRA, just took a major hit, but all I can think of now is opportunity. If someone had the money to take some of these boarded up factories, like in my home state of NJ, and would invest or even if the SBA would give out loans to start up a tech factory and if the people that started the business would give wages and were not looking to be overnight multi-millionaires, get rid of that greed, all I see right now is opportunity to start up an amazing high tech electronics factory that can grow into something massive. The biggest point here is not to be greedy, to do it right. Pay good wages and have good happy workers. How does the old saying go “someone’s mess is someone else’s treasure”. That’s not it, but you know what I mean. There’s opportunity afoot, lets see if someone, that isn’t Amazon, goes for it. I’m not a supporter of any political ideology, I am one of seeing people getting paid good wages.