the king

I can smell it. I can see it coming. It’s not all that strange of a story. People are foaming at the mouth at the chance of challenging President Trump for the Oval Office and they are going to make a crucial mistake, over confidence. While President Trump’s style of tit for tat makes him vulnerable, he has made some in roads that other presidents have refused to address. Trump has renegotiated several pacts, all the free trade pacts, and tackled China when no one would even try. He has also cracked down on illegal immigration, albeit I liked the old way better, but that plays strongly into his base and even leaks to some moderate lefties. He is getting us out of costly wars and the stock market seems to have no ceiling. People might disagree with his New York attitude towards civility, basically meaning civility is for the dinner table and no where else (please pass the potatoes), but that might not be enough to dethrone the king. He does have some weak points, climate change and immigration and the Russia debacle, but will that be enough to oust him in a robust economy? I don’t know that it will be. I will say though, if someone had stolen his phone or changed his password on twitter a long time ago, he would have a way better chance of getting re-elected.

There is one person that can definitely beat him, and it isn’t Joe Biden, sorry Joe, can’t call you a guarantee, bu there is one….. There’s always one.