WTF Moment


My buddy brought me to a strip bar a couple of weeks before I was going to get married. As I was just standing there, a stripper comes over and takes me upstairs. My buddy said that this one is on me. I went upstairs and she pulled my pants down and leaving me in my boxers. She pushed me on to the seat started with a lap dance, straddled me, then went down and started to perform fellatio. I said “what are you doing?” she said “your buddy paid for it, do you want me to stop?”. I had remained completely faithful to my fiance and she was pregnant but once she had started, I figure the rest didn’t matter. It caught me by surprise and wasn’t expecting it. When she finished, she did give me some nice parting words but I wasn’t married yet and I keep telling myself that because it kinda justifies it a little. Not my proudest moment but in my defense, if I have one, I really was caught by surprise and I, of course, told her, my fiance, soon to be wife, about it.