Saul v Gennady 2

The fight for middleweight supremacy, aptly titled SUPREMACY, is on for Sept. 15th, 2018, now why it says 2017 on the poster is unknown to me. I’m pretty sure that I pulled up last years advertisement but it’s still fitting. The fight is on the 15th of September and it should be a barn burner. With all the hoopla leading up to this fight, the combatants are sure to make a good one. I think there is some real animosity, not really hatred, but dislike for each other. I’m 50/50 on who is going to win, GGG is a year older and looked vulnerable against Martirosyan, relatively speaking for the amount of time the fight actually lasted and Canelo is coming off a suspension that saw him derided by his opponent. My prediction is someone is going to win this time. We’ll see. I don’t know what the event will be called but maybe ANIMOSITY. I used a thesaurus for supremacy and found maybe DOMINANCE could be it. Maybe ABSOLUTION would fit the bill, since the winner will be forgiven for everything and they will be absolute rulers of the division. There are many words  or phrases that will describe this fight, I hope fight of the year or worth the money are the ones used to describe it. Good luck to both combatants, may the best man win.