Gym Etiquette


Where to begin. I was at the gym this morning and feeling a little out of sorts. I was trying to improve my cardio and strengthen my back. I have major back issues that are rarely seen in someone my age. My concern with being able to maintain a normal life is at an all time high as other parts of my body are now feeling the toll of this illness that have my doctors baffled. I take a ton of strength improving medications while cutting down on calories so I can wrap my spine in a cocoon of muscle. That’s not what the issue is though. While working out and feeling a little better than yesterday, I started to pick up my reps. While going to the multi station machine, some random guy looks at me, grabs his crotch and licks his lips. I was taken back and told the guy to fuck off. Him and his friend then started to question me about why I said it and I tried to ignore them, they became more aggressive in demanding an answer. At this point, his friend coming closer on my left while the other guy was moving towards me on my right. I felt my fight or flight sympathetic nervous system take over, but like in every occasion when this happens to me, I just stood there waiting for something to happen. Not paralyzed, but evaluating. Maybe I should have just taken off, because I would have definitely gotten my behind kicked, but I just stood there. After my feet started to tremble uncontrollably, I just started working out on my machine because either they were or they weren’t, either way, I was just going to keep doing what I was doing until I either had to defend myself or I would finish and walk away. The thing is, if I had made a circle with my thumb and pointer finger, looked directly at a woman and stuck my other pointer finger through the hole while licking my lips, I would have been banned from the gym. People would have been quick to label it a sexual assault. Later when I returned to finish my set he barked that “no one cares about you” and then called me a “faggot”. I responded with a catch all, “your mother”, great for any occasion. While I am straight and maybe he was confused, it still doesn’t bode well for such homophobic behavior to be displayed. The gym manager, stated that this incident would annotated on my record but didn’t say it would be on theirs. Meanwhile this young man felt like instagraming this encounter after the fact. Today’s technology put in the hands of immature kids that want to be popular or make some kind of name for themselves.

I went back to the gym and asked the manager to please look at the film from the recordings. It just so happened that the incident happened right where there are no cameras. Bad luck for me, I guess, lucky for them, seemingly. Great place to sexually assault someone if all you want is my word against a predators word. I wonder if they already knew and if they done this before. The manager did point out that the cameras do cover every other place. Well, I’m going for Social Security disability, I guess she pointed out that the film might hurt those chances. I say, give it to them.