WORLD CUP! Spain v Ronaldo

spain v portugal 2018

Alright!!!!! Did anyone see the insane game from Sochi, Russia? I don’t know what they put in the water there but if all the other games are just as exciting then we might have the best World Cup being played since the introduction of the event. It was the best one man versus one team event I have ever seen. Spain, after losing there coach, coming from behind to take the lead, Ronaldo, with some other guys with red shirts, scoring three goals and one insane, physics defying, bend it like Ronaldo foul shot from just outside the penalty box. Then you had Nacho’s get it while it’s hot, streak of lightning shot, also from just outside the penalty box that seemed to evade every defender as if it was on some kind of tracking beam just to hit the goal post with what seemed like a spin meant to do what it did, the only place that the goalkeeper could not reach, and ricochet into the goal. Then you have Costa, who seemed like Michael Jordan playing against high schoolers, when he dribbled in front of the goal just to create space and sink the goal from the top of the key. You heard of the term broken ankles, well, the spectators with the red shirts had broken everything as they couldn’t locate that round ball with their feet and seemed to be kicking each other instead as Costa just toyed with them before sending the ball into direct path with the back of the net.

An amazing game, Spain outplayed Portugal, they just made silly mistakes, Ronaldo just capitalized on all the mistakes, like your suppose to. Click on the link below for a quick recap of one of the most exciting games I have ever seen in World Cup play.


Hahaha, I named it link.