Heavyweight Boxers

The Heavyweight Division is back and they’re planning on making this era one of the most intriguing era’s in boxing. They’re doing it the old fashioned way, they’re fighting each other. Guts and glory is what it is in a guts and glory sport. Klitschko did it but his opposition wasn’t as good or as closely matched as today’s heavyweights. A lot of people are watching closely the titans of today’s sport and they want to know if the big men of the sport can deliver.

Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz were the first to set it off and they did it in spectacular fashion. A see saw battle that had Ortiz winning early and saw Wilder come back from the brink of defeat to KO his opponent. The fight was reminiscent of the Ali days, still the greatest heavyweight to lace up the gloves, when opponents like Frazier, Norton, Foreman, still the best puncher of the division, Lyle, Quarry, Ellis and a few others that would have been champion if Ali had taken up badminton instead of boxing were around. Thank god for the kid that stole his bike.

Tomorrow, on 3/31/2018, the next part of the saga will take place. Joshua vs Parker. The fight will be telecasted on Showtime, maybe the new leader in boxing as they seem to have these heavyweights tied up in contracts. It’s a highly anticipated unification bout that is a must watch. The best part of it is it isn’t PPV, it’s regular cable. I expect the two combatants to leave it all in the ring and to try to honor the sport that many hold dear with their best effort.

Like every other fight, the media leading up to the fight had its share of trash talk. Parker trying to get in his opponents head by saying that he was a juicer and Joshua firing back saying that parker can’t hit or that he lacks power. The trash talk wasn’t at the level of Wilder and Ortiz but it was enough to make people think that their some animosity, creating hype for the bout. Trash talk has always been part of the sport from Johnson to Tyson, everyone does it and it makes the fight more intriguing but it’s only trash talk. Wilder and Ortiz hugged it out at the end and showed a tremendous amount of respect after the fight but before the bout it was about knocking each other into the third row. Does this mean they were actually going to, no, was Tyson actually going to eat someone’s kids after a fight, no, does Wilder really want to have a body on his record, no. These remarks sell seats and they are meant to captivate the audience prior to a match so the fighters can make a really good living so when their time is up, it can happen at anytime, and they must retire, they will be comfortable.

All these fighters are clean fighters and they don’t hit late or hit you when you are down or try to kill you. What they do is entertain you. And, as the fat boys once said, paraphrasing of course, the Heavyweights are back and they can never be whack!

My prediction for the fight, the guy with the J in his name will get the W. Actually, boxing and the boxing fans will get the W, those guys are going to put on a feat of will and determination, that’s what you do in sports, one of the few places it can happen.