machine gun

There’s a march going on in Washington today. The march is being held by our future leaders and voters. They say that their lives are more important than your machine gun. Are they right? Is it true that their lives are more important than your machine gun? I mean, yeah, duh, any life is more important than any materialistic object. What they are really saying is that their lives are more important than the ability for you to own a machine gun, as a private citizen, I’m sure they don’t mean the military. But, are they eyeright?  Are their lives more important than your constitutional right? No, of course not. Many, many years ago our fore fathers brought forth on this continent, eh, that was Lincoln, I mean the revolutionary war. We fought and died many times over for the right to own a weapon and now, with the latest rationale, we are suppose to give up that right all because of someone’s bemused control over a deadly situation that they would never admit to.

I don’t disagree with the young men and women marching, I just disagree with their premise as to why this has happened. No gun killed those young people, everybody knows that, the young man that did this horrendous crime is responsible, but is he the hypnosis 2only one responsible? Murderous dreams, deadly whispers, rage and violence. His world was not his own and only he gets punished. When the devil whispers in your ears and he/she goes after your young ones, will this be how it comes to an end, our second amendment? So while you shave your heads and eyebrows, cover that eye, put those thumbs under your armpits, try to protect your genitalia, wrap the bottoms of your feet, swim through those waves that seem to drown your ears and noses…. just remember that only the truth will….. stop the killing…. and set you free.

So once again, the appropriately named “murder gods” will keep producing their bodies, unfortunately, and we, wreaking of fear and despair, choose to let it happen instead of voicing the truth, I guess we can count on more to come.