slave shops

We the undersigned, by virtue of listing an e-mail and name, are signing a petition that requests that the United States Congress make it a law that all companies that do business in the United States list on their website where all there manufacturing factories are located as well as how much the employees, by job title, make in earned income and what is the age of the youngest worker and that it certifies that there is no child slavery. That the list will be clearly put on the website and be listed as Factory Locations and Earned Income by Country. This petition is to make clear what companies do business where and how much they pay their employees and what percentage of their manufacturing is located in what country. This petition is meant to identify businesses that use slave wages and sweat shops. That’s not allowed in this country and should not be allowed anywhere. This would help make the competition for manufacturing jobs fair globally and end all child slavery. Here’s the catch, I need at least 100,000 signatures so you need to pass it on, and on, and on. Let us, the people, force Congress to do something about it.


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