How not to get a job:

Ever had your parents fix up an interview for you in a job that you just didn’t want, follow these steps:

Interviewer: Your resume says that you don’t have much experience

You: It talks to you too. It told me to park my car in the lobby, but I told it nahhhh. I’ll wait until I get hired to claim that spot.

(This anecdote is for humor purposes only, my resume doesn’t talk to me, it just reminds me how pathetic I am, so I refuse to talk to it (hahahah Joke)).


In a hilarious move by the Governors of Florida and Texas, they have emancipated non citizens citizens from Texas and relocated them to sanctuary cities across America. While I understand their move, I think it a little ironic. They’re trying to show, unfortunately in a Democratic Presidential term, that illegal border crossings are an economical strain on their economy, hopefully that’s it and nothing else. If they are or they aren’t is debatable. If they really felt that way, they could have done it in a Republican term to show that it isn’t a political stunt. History is really a bitch though, and I’ll tell you why. Prior to Texas actually becoming a State of this great country, settlers were moving to Tejas, due to it’s vastness and fertile soil and great opportunities and nice weather. The Mexican government didn’t have a problem with it and welcomed it. Then in 1835, those settlers decided that they would revolt and make Tejas into Texas. In some fairness though, this isn’t 1836 and taking land is what was done, sort of, back then. Now that these people are coming here to try and make a living, they are quickly being deported…. to another state. Hopefully, they weren’t kept incarcerated until they agreed to leave the State, that would be bad, and were asked instead of demanded to leave, should have gave them money for a week’s worth of food, in my opinion. And I get it, the influx of non citizen citizens can be frustrating and you wanted to show that aspect of the argument and if Mohammed won’t come to the mountain (to see for himself), then… you get the rest. But there should be a better way then grandstanding with people that are already starving and just trying to escape a bad situation then making them perform in some political circus. There should be discussions, quiet, not in the media, across the aisle, diversified, nonpartisan discussions on how to fix the problem and this administration is, again in my opinion-you make up your own mind, trying to do that by redirecting job opportunities to our southern border instead of China. A great idea thought of by a Texan, Congressman Castro. I guess while you have us though, we might as well dance a mambo for you while you take pics. Hell, I would if it allowed to feed my family.

And as far as the Spanish treating indigenous people like second class citizens, I wasn’t there, it could be. But as you can see, Latin countries are a mixture of Spanish and indigenous people, genetically, for centuries. Other countries made it illegal for their to be inter-racial marriages until well into the 20th century. What does the bible say, your complaining about the splinter in my eye… blah blah blah.


In a story by some scientific newspaper outlet media internet post thingamajig, a reputable entity, they have said that the new James Webb is throwing the Big Bang theory into disarray due to information that doesn’t compute with the rational basis for the theory to be upheld. They are discovering that in galaxies far far far away… there isn’t the disorder that they expected and they couldn’t locate a chewbacca. The reasoning for this is because the Hubble Telescope could not accurately report older colder galaxies like the James Webb Telescope could and would only zero in on the younger hot ones. The prevailing theory is that the James Webb was made by men and women while the Hubble telescope had only men building it, which then stands to reason that Hubble would ignore the older colder stars and just stare at the younger hot ones.


Anyone ever get worried when watching some of these people on TV and they start with “Truth be told” or something similar, like they would need a epi-pen near them or they would go into anaphylactic shock when they say the word truth….


The definition of financial literacy – The more money you have the better your lawyer can interpret the constitution.

Example – Wall street lawyers negotiate golden parachutes while on TARP even though they almost sunk the whole economy

The homeless guy gets 10 days for vagrancy (after he had to default on his home due to wall street) because his lawyer…. what lawyer???


What is discovery?


/dəˈskəv(ə)rē/ <——-(future name of one of Elon Musk’s kids)


  1. the action or process of discovering or being discovered. “the discovery of the body” (not only in San Diego)
  2. LAW – the compulsory disclosure, by a party to an action, of relevant documents referred to by the other party.


  1. The process of finding out that inflation doesn’t always raise the price of gold (who knew) or Gilligan’s Island final episode.
  2. Revealing legal documents or material that would implicate or exonerate someone in court like in the Jon Bonet Ramsey case, if you can get the case to court.


20 Years of Law Enforcement (some in the Border Patrol) with zero complaints of excessive force and one accommodation for showing restraint among other accolades and my boss decides that I might be a danger to public safety upon my retirement due to my training. Funny thing, they’re the ones that trained me. Pissed off the wrong people.

A neck and a dote …. anecdote

I think new realities need new greeting cards, you have to be an entrepreneur ….

Well, there goes my Happy Abortion cards idea. Thanks a ton Supreme Court.

My other card idea didn’t quite pan out either, for agnostics, Happy Faithless Day. Thought I would have made a tithey amount on that one, it’s pretty much every day.

I’m thinking my new one might work, a condolence card… Sorry to hear about the mass shooting… I might make a killing on that one. That seems to be pretty much everyday as well….

If not, I have other ideas… climate change… I hear it’s hot where you’re at… that should be a scorcher

homeless… wanted to send this card but didn’t have an address for you

poverty…. Thought of you in this occasion.. (with a picture of an empty plate and an I.O.U. attached, postage due, of course)

inflation…. Wanted to wish you a happy birthay, happy graduation, happy wedding, happy anniversary, merry christmas, happy new year and sorry to hear that you passed… all in one card


I thought that I would keep with my prior post and try and relate relatable quotes from the bible to todays endemic of stupidity….. Have you ever read revelations. If you want the bejesus, no pun intended, scared out of you, or maybe into you, you can watch The exorcist or you can read Revelations. I think that guy that wrote Revelations must have been a great ancestor of Stephen King. It’s some scary stuff. This blarticle is about courage. The courage of good people and the dispassionate and glacial ease of how some people allow other people to get away with what is obviously wrong so as not to confront them or not to suffer their scorn. That was a whole lot of thesaurus in that sentence. Now, courage is not fighting with weapons and fists but it can be fighting without weapons and fists, I’m just saying… Mother Teresa never picked up an AR-15 and she was one of the most courageous women ever to live. Guns don’t make you courageous like beers don’t make you Sugar Ray Robinson, they just give you that allusion or make you think you are those things. Courage is doing the right thing when the time comes, standing up not only for yourself but for your fellow good person, I have chosen to divide people into two races… Good and bad, but not irredeemable, no one is irredeemable unless they choose to be that way.

Now, how does this relate to today… no effing clue… its Revelation that have not yet been revealed. I’m going to be on the look out for some massive volcanoes to blow. But I thought is was a good subject and fine recipe for making it through tough times… a pinch of courage with a bunch of understanding and top it off with a delicious morsel of Love…. blahhhhhhhh. Just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Nevertheless, don’t know why it’s so hard for us hombres to write and say that, it is ultimately a true recipe. I really sound like a fucking wuss. Anyway, for those that are faithless (faith can be in the law, or any faith, or just humankind, just anything other than yourself) the detestable (is that people that lost their sense of taste because man, that would be fucked up to go to hell because of COVID, I hope not), the sexually immoral (yikes, a ton of those), sorcerers (David Copperfield??? no right? maybe the ones that think they practice magic, apple eyephones?) idolaters, and all liars (Madre, I did eat the last pastry and, well, City Tavern). This lake of fire, I’m wondering if they are going to have any barbecue pits, I hope never to find out, but it sounds like a really bad place where you might need a bunch of Coppertone 1,000,000. Do you think that Stephen King’s great ancestor means the sun or a star, because there are bunch of those out there. I mean, I touched a stove once, and that hurt like the dickens, I can’t imagine sunbathing on the Sun, that shit must hurt. So, stop being cowards and if you can’t say the truth don’t say anything at all. For all those going through tough times, stay true to yourself and you’ll make it through. This blarticle is dedicated to my abuelo, a religious fella, may he Rest with the Angels. (Not the Los Angeles team, the holy ones)


I would like to start by leading us in prayer… forgive us oh lord because my blarticle just might be blasphemous. We enter the light because I forgot to turn off the switch last night before I went to sleep. It is through your divine power that nuclear reactors work, amen. I’m not really all that good at prayers. I’m not poking fun at the omnipotent one and crossing my fingers that the almighty has a sense of humor (I mean for the aforementioned names sake, the lord invented humor), I really do suck at prayers and it seems that my narcolepsy hits me harder during church than any other time in my life so I might be mixing up my science with my theology, is that scientology???. That being said, I do like taking some scripture and see if it can apply to todays nonsensical world. While some of it may be a stretch and I couldn’t find anything about electrical vehicles in the good book, I do see some that are relatable.

The devil knows the good book better than you and will confuse you. A lot like when Jesus was on Mount of Temptation and couldn’t find his way back to the campfire for 40 days, with the devil whispering in his ear, well, the way I see it is, criminals know the law better than you and will use their knowledge of it and try and whisper things in your ear to take advantage of you. That, in all its glory, is true. The people that are the biggest swindlers and criminals are the ones that know the law the best. They know the law like the back of their hand, to the last little detail of every follicle. They know what they can do and what they can get away with and where they are protected and test the waters constantly of our legal system, blessed be the Supreme Court and Congressional Laws. That is not to say that everyone that knows the law really well is a criminal or that everyone that knows their scripture is evil but the evilest and most hardened criminals generally know their law and scripture. Oddly enough, during the crusades, they were one and the same and their biggest weapon is always confusion and chaos.

Funny, huh. How evil whispers in you ear then and now…. How a book that is over 2000 years old could be so on the money….. maybe it’s just a coincidence.