Nationals’ Trea Turner out on controversial interference call; manager Dave Martinez ejected in Game 6

astros vs nats

Not that it mattered that much, this call, but it might have, so for the sake of argument lets just see who was right. Trea Turner hits a slow roller towards third base, Peacock,  the pitcher, then scoops it up and tries to throw out the speedy Turner. Turner books up the first base line, a foot or so outside the lane, towards the infield, and gets there as the ball gets there. They called interference on the play and they called Turner out. My opinion, it was a bad call. That Turner ran outside the first base lane had nothing to do with the throw, since the throw was coming from third base side. The throw, which got their after Turner and hit him in the back of his right leg, which at that time was inside the first base lane, should have hinted that there was no way that Gurriel would have been able to get to it without impeding the runner. The truth is that it was a bad throw by the pitcher and Turner should have been safe. When the ball got there, Turner was right on the line, with his right leg inside the first base path. To me it seems simple, but in a big game atmosphere, maybe the umps over analyzed the situation. I’m a Mets fan, so the Nats winning while the Mets are at home scratching their bellies isn’t my favorite outcome but fair is fair. To quote Teddy KGB from the movie Rounders (sort of) “He beat’em fair and square, give that man his base”.

Lets hope that there is no shenanigans going on here. I just read how they made a movie about an NBA ref who intentionally made bad calls to cover the spread on bets he made, lets hope that these umps aren’t vying for a movie deal.


mayer v zamora

Last nights ESPN+ bouts were pretty good. One of my favorite fights of the night was Mayer vs. Zamora. These two ladies were good fighters, with pretty impressive skills. Mikaela Mayer, the taller fighter and former Olympian, used her size and range to knock down Alejandra Zamora in the first round. Zamora got up and continued and traded punches with Mayer. The two fighters showed an impressive grit and endurance and were fun to watch. In the end, Zamora’s cornerman stopped the fight prior to the sixth round. The corner, Zamora’s dad, reasoned that they had lost every round and that taking further punishment was unnecessary. I will say that Zamora was impressive but you can tell that she is two weight classes to high. Mayer, for her part, did exactly what she was supposed to do. She used a long rangy jab and let her hands go when in close. Mayer used that strong right hand to punch down on her opponent, giving her extra added power to her shot. Mayer, with her height and long jab, is going to be someone to be dealt with in that division. Zamora, if she drops down to 118 or 122, could actually make waves in those divisions. Zamora is too small for the 130 pound division. She had some really good skills and moved well and her timing was impressive but she will not be able to overcome the natural disadvantages at the higher weight. If she cuts down to 118, Zamora looks like she could reign at that weight.

GGG v Derevyanchenko

ggg v dv

It was definitely an edge of your seat fight and not the reason why you would normally think in a GGG fight. GGG came out with little urgency, under control, and finished the same way, with little urgency, no energy. Derevynchenko (DV) came in thinking upset and, in my opinion, clearly got it. The old saying about fighters getting old before your eyes, well, it looks like that’s exactly what happened to GGG. GGG looked gun shy, he looked soft in the midsection, he looked like he wanted a way out. DV was pressing the fight, landing the punches and taking the chances. It just seemed like DV just wanted it more. GGG looked old and like his legs were stuck in the mud with his shots falling short, missing and he was just not pulling the trigger when it seemed warranted. It seems like he over trained. I felt like that GGG was robbed against Canelo, well, they just put some of that robbery back into his account because DV was just robbed and GGG was the beneficiary. In truth, GGG is 37, even though he looked 100, and it is his call on what he should do, but, if he feels that he made enough money in his career, retirement from a rough and tumble sport like boxing prior to suffering any real damage doesn’t make him look weak but intelligent. GGG should go out on top, he has nothing left to prove, he has proved more than most in his sport. I will say one more thing, Canelo gave up the title instead of fighting DV, so there’s that.


mickey callaway

The New York Metropolitans decide to amicably say good bye to manager Callaway’s managerial services. I love my Mets but they seem to hunt for the right opportunity how Cheney hunts with his friends, everyone looking out not to get shot in the face by a shotgun. Not because they are doing it purposely but it seems that they lack the restraint not to pull the trigger until it’s necessary. The difference between the Mets making and not making the playoffs has nothing to do with Callaway but the Mets closer, who had the backing of the front office. Take away all of Diaz’s blown saves, the Mets are in. Is that Callaway’s fault? No. Diaz was an all star that everyone felt would provide the relief that the Met’s needed, but NYC is a big time city with heavy expectations that can put a tremendous amount of stress on an individual and Diaz, at least this year, was not up to the task. I think the firing of Callaway was a mistake. He put the best team out there and was forced, I’m sure, to use Diaz and Cano, who should have been on the bench, no offense to Cano who was a great player but is aging and a step slower. But maybe the Mets are right to get a Manager that will tell the front office who will and who won’t play. Callaway’s managerial faults were that he probably played players that he didn’t want to but felt the pressure of the front office. If they hire someone like Joe Maddon, they might actually win it all because Joe doesn’t seem like a person that will listen to the guy upstairs. I think Callaway, given the freedom to fall on his sword, would have done alright and made the playoffs.


boxing gloves

I would like to share a story of why everyone should do boxing.

I have trained in boxing, on and off, for the past thirty odd years. Have never been good enough to really do anything with it financially speaking, but it has kept me in good shape. When I severely sprained my ankle while working in the border Patrol, I stood on one leg and and a leg with an air cast and used boxing drills to keep me in shape. As soon as I was cleared to run again, something that I used to love to do, I was able to run down a group of illegal citizens that had crossed. Chasing them down for a little less than a mile, carrying all my equipment , the day after I was cleared to return to work. Boxing is an amazing sport that fine tunes your body. What it does mostly, it refines your reflexes. It makes them quicker and steady.

This was never more apparent when my son, at the age of 8, for some reason decided to cross the street running while an SUV had just accelerated at full speed to beat a light. I had just turned my head to the right to look for oncoming traffic when I caught my son, who was to my left, through the corner of my eye, racing into the middle of the street. Out of nowhere, my left hand, my best hand, I used to throw a mean and quick left hook, even though I’m righty, reached out and grabbed him and pulled him back. The SUV was literally, not figuratively, right upon him. I pulled him back and out of the way. All I can think is that if my son gotten hit that day, I would have never been able to live with myself. It would have devastated me. My son apologized and he knew better. I have been teaching him to the cross the street since he was 5. I don’t know what got into his head, ear or eye.

I thank boxing, it literally saved my son’s life.


Kovalev v Yarde

What a fight…… Yarde is a beast and Kovalev came in as beast tamer. It’s a must see fight. This fight will only help Canelo. Kovalev took a beating and Yarde took a worse beating. Kovalev should take 6 to 8 months off before fighting again. Canelo doesn’t have Yarde type power but some heavyweights probably don’t have Yarde type power but Kovalev should fully recoop before going again.

Watch the fight.

What was noticeable is that Kovalev’s right hand wasn’t doing much in the way of discouraging the young lion but that number 1, that jab of Kovalev’s, won the fight for him. He KO’ed the hungry fighter with a jab. He started with a jab and finished with a jab. I gave every round except the 7th and 8th to Kovalev. You can tell that Yarde was a little nervous in the beginning and that his adrenaline was flowing because every punch was fast and some were coming up short. He wasn’t pacing himself, he wasn’t trying to establish distance or timing. He was just throwing quick punches which were tiring him out. Yarde looked like he was trying to finish the fight in the first round. Kovalev, on the other hand, was establishing his jab and his distance, his experience showed. He wasn’t nervous or throwing all out fast punches, he was letting his opponent do it and run into his punches. Kovalev realized that 12 rounds is a long time while his opponent had only gone 7 rounds previously. Yarde started a marathon with a sprint and couldn’t finish the race while Kovalev started with a reasonable jog and didn’t have to finish, he just went further than Yarde and in boxing, that’s all you have to do. Yarde will get there. He’ll learn to lay off the gas pedal early and save some gas for the finish but for now the rabbit lost once again while the turtle is still the champion.




What is going on? Mets fans are asking for Callaway to be removed? What??? Do they think they are rooting for a nun softball team? Do they think that tempers aren’t going to run high from time to time? What Callaway did, while maybe not the best way of handling a heckler, and let us be honest, he was a heckler, I don’t think calls for the firing of Callaway. The Newsday reporter knows that Mickey’s head is in the guillotine and he is under pressure to win. The Wilpon’s have already made a meeting with Callaway known and that the meeting was about his future. While I wasn’t there for the exchange, I can assume, which we all know is a bad way to come to a conclusion, that maybe Mickey was taking the remark as a deliberate shot to his longevity and maybe the way it was given and whatever snide way it might have been said, that the Mets manager, after losing the lead due to a bad outing by one of his relievers, was already on edge. And we don’t know all the exchanges Callaway had with this reporter and maybe this reporter, as some have, has called for a change in managerial methods or maybe this reporter did nothing but was just there at the wrong place at the wrong time. Who knows what is going on except to say that the Mets have lost some heart breakers, but that’s on the players, not on Mickey, at least not for now. I say give the guy a break, let’s see how the Mets respond, because if they make they playoffs, everyone calling for his head, will be calling for his head on a bust to enshrine it. We still have another half of the season, let’s see what the outcome is before you start pulling your support. Plus, if you just watch the Mets to win, then you are watching the wrong team, wait, that came out wrong, what I mean is, I watch them because I’m a fan of the dog in the fight, how they hustle and how they try. I can honestly say that they are fighters and give you your money’s worth, even when they lose. They don’t quit. If you just want to see egos play, then the Yankees are right there for you with their high money, buy wins, mentality (I like the Yankees too). But if you want to see heart, all out effort, hustle and and can do mentality, then the Mets are the team.


Ruiz v Joshua
Joshua’s FEET were on shaky ground

Let me start off by saying…. what a fight! This fight had every soap opera plot consolidated into 7 rounds. Drama, expectation, let down (for some) and a cinderella ending (for others). This was Baer v Braddock, Tyson v Douglas, Rahman v Lewis conceptualized in the modern day. If this was the outcome you expected, outside the Ruiz family, then you are the smartest boxing analyst there is. This isn’t a knock on Ruiz but he was a 25/1 underdog. That’s $250,000, a quarter of a million dollars, if you bet $10,000. I had that, I wish I had known. Ruiz is a good fighter, budding on great now, and the first time I saw him fight, my first thought was that this dude has some fast hands, but boxing reasoning prevented me from giving this guy the chance he obviously deserved. AJ is taller, has a crazy amount of reach and is punching down, adding more power to his shots. Ruiz, on the other hand had to wade in, punch up, and had to be the aggressor. This usually doesn’t make for a great chance of success but Iron Mike made a pretty good living at doing just that. The Wreckin’ Mexican got off the canvas to deliver what might be his virtuoso performance. I don’t know what the future holds but this guy will always go down in the annals of boxing history as a world champion. Something that few have experienced but many have craved. Ruiz is a hero to many. Good for him. For those selfish people that bet money on him and refused to let everyone else know whatever insight they had, next time just respond to one of my blogs, I’ll listen… and the beers are on you for the next year.

I congratulate the new WBA, IBF, WBO champion….And New! Andy Ruiz but I also congratulate Joshua for stepping in the ring and going out on his shield. It’s no easy matter, stepping into the square, and he has nothing to be embarrassed about. Not many people can you know. Step into a square ring, knowing that the guy across from you is going to try render you unconscious. I have trouble asking my ex-wife if I can be a week  late on child support, they’re asking the other guy to give me your future paydays that is meant for your family. To be fair, she’s Colombian and speaks faster spanish then Ruiz’s combos so we’ll just call it even.





The tag line for this picture was that the scorecards proved that Canelo built an early lead, my tag line would have been “How the F**k could these scorecards be so different”.

The one thing that I got from these scorecards is that something is definitely off. There is something wrong here, when three capable judges disagree so much. They disagreed on 5 out of the 12 rounds. They disagreed on over 42% of the fight. How can you get a clear decision when that happens. That was a statement, not a question, ergo the absence of a question mark. That is a failing grade in any other event on this planet. The problem is not the judges, it’s the commission. They haven’t done enough to evolve to settle these problems. Boxing is the only sport that has not tried to figure out ways to improve these disparities. I can give a few right off the top of my head

  1. Put the judges at a better vantage point. They should be at the same level as the fighters or higher. When the fighters are at the corner further away from a particular judge, the nuance of slip and counter are harder to realize when you are looking up. They are lot easier to notice when you are viewing down. I know that this might obstruct some of the fans but that’s why you have the jumbotrons for the spectators. We prefer that anyway
  2. Make all decision fights, especially title bouts, provisional decisions until confirmation by the same three judges and three separate judges.. Meaning that that all decision fights would be reviewed by a panel afterwards to confirm. Can’t tell you how many times I watched a fight on TV, from a better vantage point then the judges, and wondered what the f**k (that stands for fuck) were these judges viewing. This gives a cushion to change a bad decision without having to do the silly appeal stuff and give the appearance of the sport being less fixed for the superstars, ahem, clearing my throat, the Byrd decision in the first GGG v Canelo fight is a great example why you should implement that rule, you can even call it the Byrd rule. Don’t mean to be to harsh on the lady but she got it wrong and most likely because of her vantage point.

These are just two thoughts off the top of my head. Whatever they come up with, I’m sure would be better than the current 57.5% grade that they got on this fight. One thing is for sure, they have to do something. First of all, the 7th and 10th rounds were definitely Jacobs rounds, not doubt about it. If you go by Moretti’s scorecard for the last two frames and you scored the 7th and 10th the right way, not doubters for Jacobs, then Jacobs is the victor. My scorecard is on an earlier post, but I had the advantage of replaying the fight and confirming the right call, which in my opinion was a draw. Come on boxing, even slow ass baseball has instant replay and a replay home office to review calls. You need to evolve with the times and figure out a better way to make the sport a little less controversial and a little more simpatico, what a funny word…. simpatico, anyway back to the point, fix it. Come on Nevada, you are suppose to be the superstars and megastars of boxing super bouts, because if New York does it before you, if they become boxing innovators before you, you will be in second place before you can say supercalifragislisticexpialadocious and that would be atrocious.