With the latest controversy and the endless amount of criticism from the latest boxing SNAFU (situation normal all fucked up), I feel it like its my job as a blogger without any recognition to add to the confusion. I was always a critic of the way boxing scored the bouts. With every other sport using technology to better their sport, boxing is the only sport that still hasn’t found a way to score a fight where controversy can be avoided and where their judges can have narcolepsy and still judge a fight, will someone please wake up Dave Moretti.

I feel the simplest way to avoid controversy is to make every championship fight decision provisional, unless it’s a knockout. Then have three different judges (who would remain anonymous to the promoters), along with the same judges rewatch the fight and rescore the fight a day later under the supervision of a State Commissioner…. that isn’t on the take. What will happen then is that Dave “narcolepsy” Moretti would give the tenth Round to Loma, right… he would get the score right (I’m not saying Haney lost). It wouldn’t only affect the latest buffoonery, it would add a level of transparency and affirmation to the scoring, where it doesn’t seem like there is favoritism applied to the scoring. After a decision is made, then they can either overturn the scorecard or affirm it.

It really seems like a simple fix but greedy promoters don’t want to part with $ to do it, that’s why it might be up to State Commissions to get it done.

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